Homa Therapy Visit to Ecuador after Earthquake

       Ms. Michelle Balandra (far right) and her mother Cecibel Avilez (right), Ecuadorians living in NY, USA visited their homeland after the earthquake to bring help through Homa and other therapies. Ms. Michelle wrote:
"These (photos below) are a part of the home-made Homa Medicines we prepared for Ecuador.

        All these natural medicines contain the healing Agnihotra ash. Some also contain Ayurvedic herbs. We prepared eye drops, creams to reduce pain and inflammations, sachets with pure Agnihotra ash, ghee, and medicine for respiratory problems. I enjoyed the preparation of more than 200 creams which have as main ingredients Agnihotra ash, neem oil, castor oil and ghee. This cream is very effective in curing body pains. I love it!

     We were in Babahoyo doing the Homa Fires with our family and friends. (Photos above: sharing Agnihotra and photo right: preparing Sampa balls.) For me, it was very significant to be in this area since I was born here. The opportunity to do the Fires with the support of my family was fantastic. When I practice and teach Agnihotra I feel at home."

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