Homa Therapy – a Pathologist’s Perspective

Dr. Tomas Zapata Silva, Pathologist
EsSalud State Hospital Merino Molina
Comas, Lima, Peru

         "I am a Medical Clinical Pathologist in the Hospital ‘Marino Molina’ in Comas, Lima, Peru. I have just completed one month with Homa Therapy. I also have experimented with Complementary Medicines for two years. After 30 years of medical practice, it has been disappointing to see the results of what we were taught in Medical School. (Photo: Dr.  Tomas Zapata – left, learned HOMA Therapy with Med. Tech. Christian Alvaro Vasquez. Here practicing Agnihotra in the hospital.)

I decided to study medicine, because I want to serve, heal and alleviate suffering. But we are truly far from doing that. 30 years in the laboratory, between tubes and blood samples, between machines, between demands of the people seeing that we really do not heal them, not even relieve them.
   With Complementary Medicines, I discovered that what we are taught at the Faculty of Medicine is only to see people as flesh, bones, nerves, veins, arteries, altered metabolites (some too high, some too low, etc.) and that they must be given medication to raise what supposedly is too low and to bring down what supposedly is too high.
   We have an energy dimension about which we have not learned in the university. This knowledge is almost banned in the faculty. Some still do not understand that we are not just flesh and blood. We have a soul and that soul is an energy dimension. By the Grace of God, I found Homa Therapy through Christian Alvaro because I was disappointed, even with the Complementary Medicines. These are also contaminated with the commercial attitude of Western Medicine. To study Complementary Medicine is expensive.
   Even the public is spoiled, they think what is free has no value. You have to charge them a lot, so they feel that it is effective.
   Many people say they read the Bible, but do not understand the message. Jesus used his hands, he used mud, used simple things like Homa Therapy does: clarified butter and dried cow dung cookies, both products from the cattle and brown rice. These are natural products.
   I am finding that Agnihotra is changing the behavior of people. No need to take hallucinogens, Ayahuasca or San Pedro to find the diagnosis. Here, the healing smoke is inhaled. Only by understanding and reading for years about quantum physics, maybe we can try to find some explanation. But Homa Therapy is producing a phenomenon that is healing people and we are taken into the path of justice, truth, and reason. Homa Therapy is centering the people, without giving drugs, prolonged psychotherapies, or hallucinogens.
Homa Therapy helps people find their way, to be honest with oneself and be better with others. Finally, it is helping us understand God’s commandment “Love your neighbor as yourselves”.
   My dream has always been to be a healer and that God will provide, because I do not have the vocation to charge. This is my hope.

     In the laboratory, we have inocculated Agnihotra ash in Petri dishes to know if it contains microbes. We put Agnihotra ash on agar, on blood, etc, in 4 different media and nothing grew. I waited 24 hours, 48 hours, 72 hours and nothing, nothing. Agnihotra ash is really a sterile and aseptic substance.
    You take a glass of fresh cow’s milk and you do not even have an idea of all that you are taking with it. I have also inocculated cow milk on these media and there are cocci, diplococci, streptococci and staphylococci and a whole range of flora that you cannot imagine.

Homa Therapy is a Vibrational Medicine.

Finally we understand that the frequencies are important. For example, healthy people under normal conditions have a frequency of 80 mega Hertz, a dead body has 20 mega Hertz and those with 40 mega Hertz are on their way of having a disease like cancer for example. Homa Therapy has a Bio-energetic base.
I was totally exhausted physically and discouraged by reality of how things are, but Homa Therapy has raised me up. And curiously, one day, I was trying to heal myself with some Homa ointment, when my kittens got the ointment first and ate a little. Within minutes, they began to jump. They were so happy jumping around in the house." 
 (Photo: Prof. Abel and Dr. Tomás Zapata with his Agnihotra kit box in the Hospital Marino Molina of Comas.)

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