Homa Therapy Report from Moldova

Benedict Caraush writes from Moldova:
In my life during the last eighteen years I have come in contact with different spiritual ways, and practice different techniques like meditation, pranayama, fasting, etc. In 1996 for the first time I came in contact with Agnihotra through my Ukranian friend Andrey Guzanov. I was not so deeply touched because I later understood that one important thing had been missing: correct timing.

Benedict Caraush and his wife Valeria are sitting in the middle

After some time I felt that the Agnihotra is really a good thing and I continued my research in this field. I got Dr. Ulrich Berk‟s address and contacted him. For two years or so we kept in contact and as result of this in June of 2000 Dr. Berk came to Moldova. We organized several meetings in Chisinau (the capital city) and there were many participants. As result many people started to practice Agnihotra.

During this time I had very deep experiences and visions about this process. After this, with great enthusiasm and the help of Dr. Berk I continued in this direction and soon Agnihotra was being practiced in five more places: Bender, Ungheni, Salcia, Botnaresti and Varnita. Also during that year the book, “Homa Therapy, Our Last Chance“ was translated and published in Russian.

In July, 2001 Dr. Ulrich Berk again visited us and also at that time we visited Romania to introduce Agnihotra there. It was a good start, but we have to do even more. And now I want to share other people‟s experiences with Agnihotra:

The red rose bush for four years had been attacked by fungus and small insects which eat the leaves. Last year the rose did not have the strength to flower; the buds dried and fell down. As a result of practice of Agnihotra and Om Tryambakam, and using Agnihotra ash (for spraying), the insects disappeared, the roses bloomed and new healthy leaves appeared.

A dog had an eye inflammation. The dog became very irritated. For three days Agnihotra ash with ghee were given to the dog internally. By the next day the dog‟s condition had improved. After three days the inflammation was completely healed.

A young woman was present during two Agnihotra sessions. (She didn‟t know anything about it). She had a very stressful job and very often her feet would hurt. When the Mantras were sung, the aching in her feet became stronger and she had a feeling as if roots started to grow form the feet. After one hour the aches disappeared and during next week she felt very well.

My daughter, named Olga, is very restless. She started to take the Agnihotra ash, and all the family was shocked by the change in her. The child became quieter. It is very difficult to translate this into words, but all the family felt the changes.

A woman had anemia and she felt very tired. She started to take internally the Agnihotra ash. After a while the tiredness was completely healed and the blood tests were good.

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