Homa Fires in the Antarctic

In 1991, exactly at 12:00 P.M. on Christmas eve, Vedic mantras and healing fires were performed for the first time on a small island of Chile called Port Williams. This is at the most southern end of South America, where people live under extreme climatic conditions.
In 1995, Shree Vasant Paranjpe arrived at the southernmost city in the world, Punta Arenas, Chile, to carry out a Rudra Yajnya with who those had begun practicing the Agnihotra and other healing fires.

Nelson Ibañez, Luis Jalife, Cesar Garces & Juan Ojeda

Later on, in 1997 and 1998, many volunteers traveled for four days to Punta Arenas, a city located next to the Strait of Magellan, to perform healing fires with 70 copper pyramids. That gave an impulse to the work of restoration of the ozone layer. According to the old Vedic science, this effect is possible if certain mantras and healing fires are performed. The people who participated in performing these fires came from different parts of Chile, Uruguay, Spain, Ecuador and Colombia. In June of 1987, Shree Vasant had stated the need for performing this type of work in the Magellan zone. Even before, in an article published in Satsang in 1976, Shree Vasant had stated that if the Yajnyas were performed at those distant latitudes, restoration of the ozone layer would take place. March 26th, 2002 will be remembered by the future generations because of a fire and mantras uttered in the Antarctic. It will be remembered not because of the one who the performed the fires but because of the manifestation of Grace Divine which allowed it to be carried out. Shree Vasant has been telling us about a special energy that, if activated in the Antarctic, will have an effect on the ozone layer and will begin to regenerate it.

It will be possible through a Pranic impulse. Many fires will have to be lit in Arenas to have that effect.

To reach the continent of Antarctica, a trip of high risk, depends upon a series of variables such as climate, military permits, the flight of specific military airplanes, authorizations to circulate freely in the Antartic, and many other permits that have to be issued by different officers. All this has to be coordinated.

Every single thing that happened on this trip can only be described as abnormal, because the permits were authorized without any objection for a civilian who had no military or scientific purpose to visit that continent. The people in charge of the bases in the Antarctica have the right to decide whether a person enters or not, according to the work they do and the characteristics of the place. Actually, nobody can arrive there without being assigned by the military or as a scientist in residence. Tourists pay a sum of $US70,000 just to spend some hours in the South Pole in an airplane that takes them from New York and lands on the ice.

We must point out one single detail for the readers that will illustrate the existing conditions when we arrived there. An airplane usually should have 800 feet of visibility to land in the Antarctic, plus favorable conditions. Without those conditions, any airplane should return to Punta Arenas, a four hour flight over the Drake Sea. We landed with only 200 feet of visibility, which is considered a maneuver of high risk for any airplane and its crew.

The trip was executed from Punta Arenas aboard a “Hercules” plane of the Uruguayan Air Force. The plane flew for more than three hours over the dangerous oceans.

It is important to mention that, unknown to the author of this article, many authorities collaborated for the realization of this trip and helped in obtaining the corresponding authorizations to make this trip possible. We had the help of authorities like the chief of the Regional Air Force of the Magallanes Region (who authorized the take-off of the Uruguayan airplane). Also, the chief of the airport of Punta Arenas arranged various permits in order to help us. The person in charge of the crew and expedition facilitated another part of this process, and at least three other people in these types of flights authorized little by little, all without knowing exactly what our objective was, as it is not easy to explain to others in logical terms. The commanders of Antarctic bases are the ones who decide who is qualified to authorize the flights.

The chief of the airport in Punta Arenas got in contact with the flight commander to tell him that “some healing fire” was going to be done at the base and he himself was going to come with us. In the beginning this was not well received.

When we arrived at the base, the Air Force chief was waiting for us and put at our disposal a jeep for our personal use. Also, immediately he introduced us to the commander of the base. The commander invited us to a place where military officials are received on arrival. With an open attitude he listened to us and then offered us the jeep again.

The healing fire was done in a copper pyramid with the chanting of mantras loudly to purify the atmosphere. It was suggested to do this healing fire in an are called La Cruz. The chief of the Air Force was with us. In the copper pyramid we burned dried cow dung and clarified butter from cow‟s milk. The healing fires help remove disease, give nutrition to the plant kingdom and help plant growth. This type of farming is now practiced by thousands of farmers in the Amazon region of Peru with wonderful results. (For more information)

The pyramid was left in the “La Cruz” area and before we saw it for the last time, the chief of the Air Force at the Antarctic Base put some stones in the snow around the pyramid while it was still burning; it resembled an altar.

After we completed our work, we were graciously received with hot beverages.

If we could sum up this great experience and service in just one sentence, we would repeat the words of a lady in charge of expeditions to Antarctica, whom we met in Punta Arenas: “Only God authorizes whom HE wants to enter Antarctica,” and apparently it is true. There are people who wait for months and years for a chance and then it doesn‟t arrive. Some wait for weeks for the conditions of the climate to be good enough and they have to return to their places of origin without being able to go. Sometimes flights arrive there but have to return without being able to land. It is important to point out that from April to October, only very few flights are authorized, perhaps only twelve flights.

Most definitively, we must observe with astonishment how conditions are given and will be given for this work to be done, all because of the Grace of SHREE.

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