Everyone is Getting Strength Now

         Everyone is getting strength now for the work to be done. Each person is given a task to be carried out. You are to do great work on this planet. For this reason you are being spun to get all the ego out of you. But you must know why. All strength is being given to you. You want to postpone your own liberation. But your good Karma does not allow for action against you. We lift you up high by other means that are invisible to the eye.

         If you only concentrate on your shortcomings, you will miss great opportunities to rise above them. Develop your devotion. You have childlike qualities which are very rare and very refreshing to the people. This, never alter. This, never diminish. Only become better organized and do this work in a professional manner.

          Put all attention on the Divine, the Love of God, and place all desires at His feet. Only then,  the judgment of the mind in such matters can become clear

         It is with that depth of compassion that we rise above this compassion and into Total Awareness of Love.

      You do not know what chances are given, how they are arranged. You do not know, how Grace operates to lift you up. You think weak thoughts and fears and we have to pull you harder and harder to lift you up. We pull you up because you are unable now to make the effort required. You are being pulled up in such a way that you will not fall.

      Thoughts are seeds we put into the atmosphere. If your thoughts are of love then you help to purify the atmosphere. Love knows no boundaries, no limitations. Do not fear. All your fears will be wiped out by Truth.

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