Pure Organic Homa Therapy Ornamental Vegetable Xmas Tree Jungle Garden

In an attempt to reflect that a very small twelve foot by fifteen foot piece of earth can produce enough food for a few families, we grew a trellis garden behind Melanie Burch’s garage studio on St. James Road in Randallstown, Maryland, starting on May 15th, 2011. Stephanie Gasden and Freddie Lawrence expended great energy to erect the trellis.

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Homa Therapy at Middle Earth Healing and Learning Center, Citronelle, Alabama, USA

From April 15-17th I went to Citronelle, Alabama to give a talk on Homa Therapy and to set up a Resonance Point at the Middle Earth Healing and Learning Center. The center offers workshops on many aspects of permaculture and sustainable living, such as medicinal herbs, solar power, and other forms of alternative energy. Continue reading “Homa Therapy at Middle Earth Healing and Learning Center, Citronelle, Alabama, USA”

‘Creating Homa Farm Communities’ Workshop

In November 2010, my husband Jarek and I gave our first workshop on ‘Creating Homa Farm Communities’ at the Resonance Point, the center for Baltimore Homa Community (BHC) in Baltimore, Maryland. What follows is the gist of what we shared in the workshop.

In the workshop everyone had an opportunity to envision a Homa Farm community and share those visions with each other. We also focused on how to find a farm, which was of particular interest to the people there. It was fun and dynamic. We look forward to offering this workshop in various countries.

We are grateful to BHC for hosting us and giving us the opportunity to come and share our experiences. Many thanks to Henry and Jannette Gregory for letting us stay with them, and to the whole BHC community for their heartfelt welcome home!

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Baltimore Homa Community, Maryland, USA

The Baltimore Homa Community is a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting a loving and sustainable way of living based on the practice of Agnihotra and Homa Therapy. We invite you to see for yourself how this ancient science of atmospheric purification can help to establish bio-energetic equilibrium in atmosphere; support chemical-free, organic food production and assist in removing stress and tension from your mind. Continue reading “Baltimore Homa Community, Maryland, USA”

Karmé Holistic Wellness Center, Baltimore, MD, USA

Through the inspiration of Shree Vasant, the Karmé Holistic Wellness Center officially opened on May 17th, 2008. Located at the Homa Resonance Point in Baltimore, on Ann and Tom Couto’s property, this charming 19th century carriage house has been fully renovated.

Karmé (which is Tibetan for ‘to be in Service’) is a beautifully appointed Wellness Center with two treatment rooms, a luxurious bathroom with a sunken tub for healing bath treatments, and a heavenly bedroom overlooking trees, for overnight or extended stays. Continue reading “Karmé Holistic Wellness Center, Baltimore, MD, USA”