All these incidents which have been happening — accident, losing things — are all due to the lack of attention, carelessness. It is not mere carelessness. You need to focus your energy in the moment. MANTRA is the tool for that.

             Do not focus on the result of the accident — broken glass, etc. Focus more on what it teaches you. You have to become superconscious but first become conscious at all times. You need not be silent. It is all the time being attentive to what is around you and to what you are doing in the moment. If the mind is always engaged in thought — be it reverie, worry, planning further events, calculating sums or analyzing, it is likely one will stumble in everyday life. Especially now one must be attentive — not fearful, just attentive. If you are carrying a bag be sure it is with you at all times.

             In the beginning you have to keep your attention focused mentally but later it becomes automatic. Mantra all the time keeps the wayward mind on a single track. Then these incidents, from minor forgetfulness to ‘accidents’, will not happen in all likelihood. It is not Karma per se as we think of it. It is due to carelessness brought on by lack of concentration. It can be remedied by so little effort. Mantra. And it is also high time to address one’s reliance, dependence upon tea and coffee. That also tends to break one’s concentration. It is a great lesson for you.

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