All of You Must Take Agnihotra Ash Every Day

March 29, 2011 SHREE URGENT
Message received through Parvati

"Now, all of you must take Agnihotra Ash every day, at least three times a day. If you are able to add Agnihotra Ash to your water supply, to your well or at least to your drinking water, do that regularly.

Radiation particles travel and they do not respect boundaries nor do they target one region and not another. Therefore, be prepared.

Even when news media reports very low levels of ‘harmless’ radiation, one must read between the lines. Just take precautions wherever you live now.

Those who reside on the coast, be alerted that a move would be in order. As Orion has indicated numerous times, no coastal regions are safe.

Now, be aware. At Homa farms where all the Homas are performed regularly, the purity of atmosphere, soil and water is protected.

Stockpile supplies for HOMAS—cow dung, ghee, rice.
Stockpile food supplies and necessities for a six month period. Yes, you have time to do it as you can afford to do it.
However, ghee should be made and stored as soon as possible.
Drink pure water. If you cannot add Agnihotra Ash to the well, add it to the drinking water you use daily.

Again, We stress not to give in to panic, worry, fear or uncertainty of any kind.
Again, We emphasize that ‘to be forewarned is to be forearmed.’
This is nothing new. We have been speaking in these terms, alarmed by the state of the environment, for years. This is now more urgent, as catastrophic events of the past few weeks have heightened your collective awareness of the dangers to the global community.

Let us not take a cavalier approach, thinking ‘it cannot touch me.’
When a catastrophe of this caliber takes place anywhere on the Earth today, it affects all.

We hold the solution in our hands. This is the time to move forward with all that has been proven, whether scientifically or experientially.
Walk in Light with brave and determined will. There are no boundaries to the Truth.
Go with blessings. Move with Grace.

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