Everyone is Troubled Now

Watch Shree give this message. 

      Everyone is troubled now. You talk to any person, anywhere – All are troubled. So we must not bow to our troubles. Let us just do this work. Those who have been blessed for this work have more responsibility and simultaneously an easy opportunity to undo the load of past Karma. Let us act unto that.

       You have to break attachments to the world. If you are attached to your friends, relations, possessions, then all these could control your reaction, could manipulate you. If you break the attachments they can pull the strings which are no longer attached to you. So this enables you to love them more freely. Do not allow yourself to be brought down by conduct of others, situations or thoughts. Always do the Mantra.

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Science, Religion Unite in Bond of Love

Shree in conversation with farmers at Homa Therapy Goshala, Maheshwar.
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Science, Religion unite in bond of Love. Endless experiments in the church and in the laboratories come to the same conclusion now. All the children, be they scientists or priests, be they laborers or those who seek higher wisdom through texts and learned man – all must come together as one.

You are not a Normal person.
This is not a Normal world.
You do not see from Normal eyes.
But you must appear Normal.

In this time of great racial tension and discord all of you must strive to be examples of Peace and Understanding, of Nonviolence and Truth.

You must be humble as dust but do not speak about it. In all your actions be humble.

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Atmosphere has the Capacity of Retaining and Transmitting Sound

Shree spreading His Joy and Blessings
after the Bath in the Narmada River.

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Atmosphere has the capacity of retaining and transmitting sound, plus transmitting radio waves, satellite signs, etc. All type of communication without wires. Due to pollution this capacity is affected to such an extent that signals shall get mixed up and chaos will come.

Agnihotra smoke from the fire is medicinal. It is therapeutic.

Surface of Earth’s moon is changing having a deleterious effect on people of our planet. Actually it is not only mind that is affected in man but also biological functioning of all life on the planet.

Illness runs rampant. Attention. Agnihotra ash medicine is the Saviour. This is only way out. Agnihotra atmosphere and Agnihotra ash medicines are the cure all and end all to man’s problems. We should eat ash three times daily. Continue reading “Atmosphere has the Capacity of Retaining and Transmitting Sound”

Somayag: Transformation Unlimited

The story is written on their faces, all of their faces.

The young ones seemed to mature overnight. The older ones acquired a lightness of being that belied their years. The nervous people released; the prideful seemed humbled. I was sucked in. I could not resist; I did not want to resist.

The atmosphere was purified in ways that nearly defy the senses. Seems to have gone beyond the senses actually. It is simply not possible to stop smiling.

Where does this feeling come from? What has happened really? Six days of purification fires and mantras and tapas or disciplines by the practitioners. Intense, yes, but hardly the stuff from which one would imagine such transformation would manifest.

Then again, one might surmise similar thoughts about daily sunrise/sunset Agnihotra fire performed by untold thousands twice daily around the planet. The results so greatly outweigh the effort that attempting to figure it out rationally goes only so far. Quantum mechanics (quantum physics) might help explain it, but then again, sometimes perhaps explanations aren’t all that necessary.

The woman who arrived with a shyness and tentativeness over the six days melded into a visage of acceptance and comfort. Those originally uncomfortable being together appeared harmonious. The fifty-somethings danced into the night, oblivious to time and space.

And Hari Apte, the Yajamana, or main practitioner of the Somayag, and his wife seem to have come back to earth, at least for awhile– or had they?

And we all felt as one. It was unmistakable, undeniable and as real as the noses on our faces. The bonding between mothers and sons was unfolding before us. The ages didn’t seem to matter.

And the synchronicity, oh the synchronicity. Everyone seemed to sense it; everyone knew it, but appeared to hardly believe it.

We had tasted “heaven on earth.” We had been told of the possibility; now it seemed to be staring right at us. And I was sure no one who was there would ever be quite the same. And each one seemed to know it.

The Indians seemed to not believe what they were seeing, westerners acting as Indian as they. We all danced together, so many races, so many creeds. Indian women got up and danced with men. They didn’t touch but danced nonetheless, a highly unusual occurrence, we were told. This was the musical celebration following the six days of fire. The drummers were intoxicating, the beat went on endlessly. The old souls had returned to the Narmada. One could not stop smiling; you just sensed that time as we knew it had somehow stopped or been transformed somehow.

And the faces, all the faces; But now the babies’ faces reflecting the generator induced lights. Then the young Indians came and danced and danced and danced with an energy that belied the lateness of hour and the weather and the material limitations of a country less “advanced,” say some than the West.

It took the dancing and the music to dilute the sting of the removal of what had a few short hours earlier been the site of the Somayag. The practitioners now sat with us in their “street clothes.” “Was it really over?” we wondered.

And all the young people. You could taste and see the future in them.

You wanted to leave the celebration and go to bed. But you couldn’t. The spell of the Somayag and its aftermath had been cast.

Extreme Piety is a Great Quality to Have

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              Extreme piety, reverence for Almighty, is a great quality to have. One naturally evolves into that through intense practice of Mantra. One begins to feel the movement of love in the body. One begins to think less on oneself and more on others. One’s focus becomes less ‘I’ centered as one begins to see the wider perspective and embrace the world as one’s family. It begins with the caring for others within one’s immediate circle, family and friends. As one evolves in consciousness one begins to extend one’s awareness of the world around him. Compassion stirs in the heart. Continue reading “Extreme Piety is a Great Quality to Have”

Homa Therapy Teaching Trip to Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan has big problems, especially because of the consequences of the high radioactive contamination. Many people have Wounds, that don’t heal, or gene-defects. Another quite big problem is that so many young people commit suicide out despair facing so much suffering.

In a two-day Homa seminar, we could educate 30 leading people from all over Kazakhstan from Novosibirsk up to the Chinese border about Agnihotra and Agnihotra Ash Medicines. We could also make the necessary basic Homa materials available for them, so that these people now can pass on to everyone this type of self-help in their own surroundings.

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More Contact Now with Other Galaxies

Master Shree Vasant in Bhrugu Aranya, Poland. The flames across the globe appeared after developing the photo.
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One interesting thing is that there is more contact now between our planet and other galaxies. If you look into this subject, you will find an enormous store of information never before published or disclosed which governments of the world are privy to. There are plans to corrupt the atmosphere so that these planetary communications can be halted. Planetary communications which come without words but with great influx of energies all directed toward the healing of this planet. Continue reading “More Contact Now with Other Galaxies”

Agnihotra in Ottawa, Canada

Ana-Karyn Garcia reports from Ottawa, Canada:
Now a good group of 20 people are practicing Agnihotra in Ottawa, Canada.
We found challenges in drying the dung in the winter weather, however we are enthusiastic in keeping the Agnihotra alive.

With your support we felt brave to face the winter with the sacred and warm flame of purity and healing.

Agnihotra in Arnhem Land, NT, Australia

Kathryn Bose reports from Arnhem Land N.T. Australia:
I live in the remote far north of Australia in North East Arnhem Land, Northern Territory, which is Aboriginal territory. The previous Australian government has recently enforced drastic changes in many areas of life for Aboriginal people in an effort to reduce their health and social problems. This has been done without proper consultation and has led to more confusion and disempowerment. It is hard to know what to do to assist the people. Continue reading “Agnihotra in Arnhem Land, NT, Australia”