There may be people with whom you normally have conflict. You can express what you feel with LOVE without expectation of response, positive or negative. Still do not block the love even with such people. They also have need for it. This is the greatest of teachings. LOVE. If you have conflict with someone, love them. You need not decide to work with them. But refrain from all judgment.

Anger, frustration, depression, anxiety – all these mood changes interfere with the work of the Divine. How can you receive Divine Grace if you are angry at some event in your life? Anger is like a block. It blocks all the light.

As soon as you feel yourself giving in to anger immediately STOP what you are doing. If you are driving a car pull off the road. If you are scolding a child, become silent. If you are becoming angry over a telephone tell the person you will call back. Just STOP whatever it is to do Mantra. Quietly, calmly replace your anger with the seed of Love. If you do not have a personal Mantra concentrate on being full of Love, even to your strongest of enemies.         

When we no longer find fault in others, then we are cleansed ourselves of the greatest of all faults. Then in accepting others where they are, this does not mean we ‘agree’ with them, we do not find fault with them. We are most compassionate but we do not condemn anyone, neither do we interfere with another human being’s karma. If someone is about to injure himself or others then we have a karmic duty to alert him to any danger but we never condemn anyone for any reason. Almighty does not condemn.

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