Agnihotra at Anti-Cancer Foundation, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Mr. Alan Yong writes from his visit to Bangkok:
“I was delighted to join the Thai couple, Mr. Kantipong and Nisachon from Bangkok to perform Agnihotra at Anti-Cancer Foundation, at Waeng Kum Kum Road, Chiang Mai on 15th December, 2009. The chairman of the Anti-Cancer Foundation, Professor Dr. Charliew Piyachon also joined us. About 40 cancer patients enjoyed the Homa fire for the first time and they look forward for the next Agnihotra meetings.” Continue reading “Agnihotra at Anti-Cancer Foundation, Chiang Mai, Thailand”

Anita’s Suicide Attempt: Dr John Matlander Reports on Healing from Drinking Acid

Cuenca, Ecuador,
South America

Attempted Suicide

Dr John Matlander reports from Cuenca, Ecuador:

There was a native girl, Anita, from the mountains of northern Ecuador near the border with Colombia, who tried to commit suicide by drinking acid. It completely burned her stomach and also burned her lungs.

She was left for nine months in a bed in the Hospital “Vernasa” with a stomach probe (tube) and they gave her milk. Then they called me.

Photo: Dr John Matlander

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Begin the Process of Self-Healing

HOMA Therapy is a way one can begin the process of self-healing and assist people in breaking down barriers to success, good health and inner wisdom. We offer Homa Therapy to continue the process of self-healing. Thus power is given back to the individual and there is no dependency either on chemical drugs, therapists or expensive therapies. The person has the tools in hand to achieve self-healing through practice of ancient Vedic healing fires. Continue reading “Begin the Process of Self-Healing”

We Have Come for the Highest Mission on the Planet

Photo: Shree in front of an ancient Inca wall in Cusco (former "Palace of the Virgins.")

We have come for the Highest Mission on the planet. It is all the Divine Plan.
Many will come to the Fire now.
We have come for the holiest of times.
To the West. To the East. To the North. To the South.
In every direction there will be Fire. Healing Fires of Old.

We are entering a new phase of consciousness.

There is a great commotion as a great space shrinkage has been produced.

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Agnihotra at Agricultural Fair in University of Philippines, Los Baños, Philippines

Pam Fernandes reports from the Philippines:
A four day exhibit fair entitled “Quantumizing Agriculture, Seed and Food for Earth and Human Healing…and…the Science of Ancient Filipino ways” was held at University of Philippines, Los Baños last September 29 – October 2, 2009. Continue reading “Agnihotra at Agricultural Fair in University of Philippines, Los Baños, Philippines”

Homa Therapy in La Gran Savanna, Venezuela

Santa Elena de Guairen, La Gran Savanna, Venezuela
Mrs. Mimi, Ms. Jhoja, Ms. Mariana and friends are intensively practicing Agnihotra and all other Homa fires on a farm close to the border of Brazil. (photo below) We and many Agnihotris are thinking about you and are sending lots of love to this far corner of the planet. Keep up your wonderful work!

Homa Therapy in Lithuania

Andrius Bernardas Dapšys from Lithuania wrote:
“I’m deeply interested in Homa Therapy. For the last four years, I have worked successfully on a purchased land at rural area in Lithuania with Homa Therapy in growing vegetables and herbs. Here are some photos from my place, my friends and myself.”


One can expend so much energy, valuable energy on talking. If it is meaningful conversation it is excellent but so much of the interaction between people is wasteful. Always think is it useful? Is it helpful? Is it clear communication? Is it gossip? Is it necessary? One can be extremely spontaneous and fill of joy and yet not fall into the trap of meaningless chatter.
Practice this today. Continue reading “Speech”