Homa Therapy Stress Reduction Workshop in Castilla, Peru

At the request of Mr. Johny Atoche, a Serenazgo officer and director of the Security Unit of Castilla, we arranged a Homa Therapy introduction to his team.

Homa Therapy teacher Abel Hernandez took the opportunity to suggest that these workers for public safety, who are often exposed to difficult, stressful and dangerous situations, maintain an Agnihotra kit in their vehicles and practice it wherever they are at sunrise and sunset.
He also presented testimonies showing how the regular practice of Agnihotra decreases violence. It calms the minds. Where there is light, darkness cannot

The stress that these officers experience affects their health. They welcomed this proposal. Their boss, Mr Atoche, is already an Agnihotra practitioner.

Photo: Homa Therapy teacher Abel Hernandez (second from left) demonstrates Agnihotra at a Stress Reduction Workshop for security officers

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