Agnihotra Ash and Alkaline Water

The alternative health circuit is recommending alkaline water for health. We are in touch with a wonderful 70 year old Italian organic farmer, who healed himself of advanced liver cancer largely on alkaline water. He is now happily adding Agnihotra and ash applications to his farming and for his ongoing health.

The pH Scale is Logarithmic
For example, a soda at pH 3.0 is one million times more acidic than pH 9.0 water

The way he earns his living is through educating people about the need to stay away form acidic water and to revert to alkaline water. During a visit to Om Shree Dham he showed us with a simple pH test how commercial purified bottled water and spring water generally tests acid.

We decided to do the same test, but now with the addition of Agnihotra ash. We tested shop bought bottled water- it was acidic. We put a pinch of Agnihotra ash in this water and lo and behold it instantly became alkaline! We then poured a small amount of this alkalized water into another glass of the same bottled water that had tested acidic. It immediately tested alkaline This suggests to us that if you take ash water it will help to bring an acidic body into an alkaline state.

“The normal blood pH is between 7.35 and 7.45 (slightly alkaline). If the food tends to lower the pH, it is acid food, and if it raises the pH, it is alkaline. Most people are aware of the link between heartburn, diabetes, heart diseases, arthritis, etc.. and acidity. Scientists have found that the acidic environment in the body promotes the growth of harmful organisms (fungi, bacteria, viruses, etc.) and diseases such as cancer and other metabolic disorders.”

To produce your own Alkalized water you can use any purified water , IE activated carbon filtering of rain water for example. Add Agnihotra ash to this. It will not only alkalize the water , but it will also energize the water. Even when water is purified , it is not necessarily alive with Life Force. Agnihotra will give Life force back to water

Take Agnihotra ash in water regularly. It is also an antidote for radioactivity. It helps to alkalise, detox, vitalize and even neutralise electro magnetic pollution.

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