Somayag 2011 – in Maheshwar Goshala, India

Somayag 2011 took place at Homa Therapy Goshala, Meaheshwar, India from 2nd to 7th February, 2011.

Chief Priest, Mr. Hari Apte, started the Somayag with Mr. Abhay Paranjpe. He and his devoted wife Anjali received the Holy Fire. Then they  passed it on to many others till reaching the Somayag hall.

Special constructed fire pits are build for each Somayag. Everybody got to mash some Soma herbs with water  which was then used as an offering. Here it is Simona and Matthew. Evening Agnihotra in the Somayag hall fills the atmosphere with an incomparable scent…

Fivefold Path Mission India also invited this year to a powerful 5-days lasting SOMAYAG. It was the fourth of seven planned Somayags.

Hundreds of people attended this special Homa. They came from abroad and from all different corners of India.
The chief priest was again Mr. Hari Apte, who directed all in traditional Vedic manner. Great healing energy was created during the Somayag and impurities were removed.

Photos from left to right in sequence: Village Maheshwar on the river Narmada. Chief Priest Apte´s grand daughter. Universal Peace Dances with Lisa Powers. Best Food from the Goshala Kitchen served by Ariel, Suwindi, Joshua, Sarvajit, Tom and Patricia. Dr. Ulrich Berk calming down the scared calf at the Somayag.

SUNSET ON THE NARMADA RIVER.Time to tune into nature, connect with our mother Earth, let go of our busy day and let our soul escape into the last sunrays. The beauty of the Goddess Narmada is breath taking, her majestic silence and her constant flow are deeply touching and her sound is comforting. Thank you Narmada!

Agnihotris from all continents, races and believes participated and in this one week of SOMAYAG. Over 1000 Agnihotras were lit on the Maheshwar GOSHALA ground contributing gloriously to the  Cycle of Life. Eeryone participating in the Somayag was very grateful to the organizers: Abhay Paranjpe, Sarvajit Paranjpe, Karin Heschl, Anne Godfrey, Bruce Johnson, Ulrich Berk and their many helpers from Tapovan, Goshala and from abroad. Everybody enjoyed Mother Kusum´s loving presence and care.

Everyone danced happily. The Somayag was a blessing for  the planet, for all participants and Healing was created far beyond our understanding...
Photos below show some of the tools used during the Somayag. Agnihotra with Mrs. Parvati at the Parshuram stone on the riverside.
Hundreds of Agnihotras were done in every corner by the participants.

(photo left) Evening Agnihotra gathering underneath the Krishna tree.  (photo above) Morning Agnihotra with a group of healers from Kazakhstan, where Monika Koch  frequently travels.

On the final day of the Somayag, the instruments and tools were handed over to Narmada in a celebration and all immersed themselves into her waters.

At night Anjali invited to come to the river and ghee lamps (on banana leaves) carrying our gratitude were given to Narmada.

Mango Trees Give Fruit All Year Round

Maria Cristina Correa and Rafael Valenzuela
Cienaga, Magdalena
Colombia, South America

Our Homa garden on the Caribbean Sea

“When we bought this house on the beach, there were cocoa plum bushes planted on the borders of the property. We began to recycle all fallen leaves and then we created a reafforestation system. We started planting trees and ornamental plants.

We planted cassava, mangos, guava, papaya, plums, beans, sapodilla, lemons, avocados, grapes and many aromatic herbs such as mint, oregano and plenty of basil around the house and all this on the salty sand of the beach. We spray everything with the Agnihotra ash solution and of course, we practice daily sunrise and sunset Agnihotra.

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Aura Lisenia Ibanez’ Healing

Popayan, Colombia
South America

“I am 64 years old. My cousin heard the invitation to Homa Therapy on the radio. I told my cousin that she could take me anywhere but not to the hospital. She told me that Homa Therapy was in the SENA (National Learning Service) of Popayan. So I told her that I will come because the pain and cramps were terrible. So when I came here I was very seriously ill. I just couldn’t go on any longer.

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Fever, Hot Flushes & Co.

Do you sweat a lot? Do you sweat too much?

Is it a general weakness, which makes me sweat at first and then makes me feel cold? Am I overweight so that too much heat is retained and the temperature cannot be balanced as precisely and easily by the body? Do I have an infection and the body fights it with fever? Am I in menopause, which may cause a hormonal adjustment and change in my internal balance?
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Core Group of Singaporeans Practicing Agnihotra

During our visit to Malaysia in July 2010 we traveled south to Johor to an Organic farm and Eco Tourism Resort called Tanjung Sutera. Being relatively close to Singapore and the facilitator Betty Khoo having a network extending into Singapore, many Singaporeans attended the 2 day Agnihotra Retreat. As a result there is now a core group of Singaporeans practicing Agnihotra. Continue reading “Core Group of Singaporeans Practicing Agnihotra”

“Festival India-Colombia” in Bogota, Colombia

The India Festival was a celebration of nonviolence, showing the splendor and cultural diversity of infinite dimensions of India.

Several organizations came together on this occasion to celebrate peace, love, freedom, nonviolence, inner power, transcendental consciousness and commitment to service, as taught by Mahatma Gandhi and to promote continuity of his philosophy today. Continue reading ““Festival India-Colombia” in Bogota, Colombia”

Homa Organic Farming Training Program at “Manas” Farm, Sajiwali, Maharashtra, India

Dr. R.K. Pathak reports from India:
The four day training on various aspects of Homa Jaivik Krishi (Homa Organic Farming) was organized at Manas Rural Development Farm at Sajiwali, Thane, Maharashtra, India by Manas Rural Development Institute from 10th to 13th November, 2010. All the participants were from India, except one from Malaysia.

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