Time is Short

       Time is short and we do not want you to miss this opportunity. Change has to occur. Intensify Sadhana.
         Venezuela will really produce great results, particularly farming experiments. IT IS VITAL THAT THAT STARTS NOW.
         You are not responsible for actions of others. You are, however, quite responsible for your own actions. There-fore, it is best to accept whatever hand is dealt you at this time. You will be surprised at the results.

        You are following as you are shown and you will reap the results daily. Your mood changes will not be abrupt and after some time you will find how you do not get disturbed at all. Do not fear the responsibilities you have, financial or otherwise. You just take care of your responsibilities and then leave it. Be efficient and consistent in your dealings in this world. Then you are doing your duty but you are not getting caught in the web. The deeper reality you reach and experience only through meditation and the guidance you are given at that time.

           We are not here to make decisions for you. We will guide you. That is all we can do. Some things are suggested strongly only when absolutely necessary. Otherwise we only give guidance. In various ways it is given.

         Nothing is so important to allow it to make you angry. Under no such conditions we should get angry. People are too quick to anger. No one person is to blame but when you know how important time is it is your responsibility to use it properly. Remove your anger and your pride. It is so simple. Keep quiet. Then that impulse to anger falls away.

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