Bioenergetic Healing Event in Calarcá, Quindio, Colombia

We celebrated a beautiful Homa event in the village of Calarcá. It was organized by Mother Dora Betancour and the team of the Homa Medical Center La Botica de la Abuela (Grandma’s Pharmacy). About 250 people, interested to know more about this ancient healing technique, attended. Prof. Abel presented Homa Therapy and its effects on human health through videos and live testimonies. Continue reading “Bioenergetic Healing Event in Calarcá, Quindio, Colombia”

Celebration of World Agnihotra Day at Expert Engineering Enterprises, Belgaum, Karnataka, India

World Agnihotra day was celebrated on 12th March 2012 by conducting an awareness programme for the benefit of the citizens. Dr.Pramod Basarkar enlightened the gathering with the procedure & effects of Agnihotra.

Dr.Basarkar, in his speech, emphasized the importance of Agnihotra in daily life & appealed to the gathering to practise, experience & spread the word to many, as it is the need of the time if we want to overcome the ill effects of environmental degradation. Continue reading “Celebration of World Agnihotra Day at Expert Engineering Enterprises, Belgaum, Karnataka, India”

Nothing is Constant

               Situations change according to conditions at hand. Things that are told in advance may also change. Nothing is constant. Every person is different. Each has his own free will to exercise in the manner chosen by that person. Not everyone is cut out to do the same work. Similarly, not every person is going to come to the same state. Personal endeavours are left up to the individual. Guidance is given whenever effort is made. Hints are subtly given to gear you on the correct course. However, you must choose your own direction.

Continue reading “Nothing is Constant”