Verily These Are the Last Days

            Verily these are the last days. Soon the whole planet undergoes terrific change. Much destruction comes soon to Eastern Europe by earth caving in. Large areas of Asia may have to be quarantined due to disease similar to AIDS. West coast of U.S. is sinking. East coast gets heavy storms. Midwest drought. Texas becomes wasteland. Such terrific things are happening.

             Under such conditions of the planet we have been blessed with knowledge to reset the energy cycle by healing fires and Mantras. It is all Grace. What a privilege it is to be able to serve others in distress and do good Karma without expectation of name, fame or reward.

            Only by doing intense good Karma one can negate the load of past Karma and be free. If we lose this opportunity to work out our karma with so little effort we have no one to blame but ourselves.
This is the time when all of us who have been blessed with this knowledge should come together in the spirit of service.

           We will all experience joy in doing this TAPA and in service to others on this Divine Path. Let us not think of our own needs. They are and will be fulfilled.

           If we want peace it must begin inside ourselves. One must search inside for the answers, for the directions, for guidance. All the professionals in the world will not be able to do our Swadhyaya. 

         We must learn that personal desires only bring pain and more pain in an endless cycle. Let us never complain. Let us serve the fellow man. Service will set us free.

We should keep our mind only on Mantra, meditation and prayer. This is the only way to rise higher. This is a small price to pay for peace and bliss. Our whole way of life must change. Our attitudes will have to be altered. We will have to break ourselves as gently as possible but still it is going to be painful. Yet this is the only way. Service to others lightens all the burden.

           What greater blessing then to bring another out of darkness and into light? Let us demonstrate that Love with all compassion and no attachment.

          Terrific forces of destruction are let loose on the planet. To all of us who are committed to HEALING let us never forget that in healing others we become healed. So let us make sure that among the people there is no gossip, no backbiting, no harsh criticism, no antagonism. Let there be only love, forgiveness, patience and service. There needs to be more effort towards harmony, more effort towards understanding, more effort towards caring und kindness towards other. It is not a pretty world and we must begin to HEAL in a big way now. It is time to unleash the Power and great healings begin. These are the times of the great return to the ONE.

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