To Rid Yourself of Negative Habit Patterns

       To rid yourself of negative habit patterns replace them. Concentrate only on positive thoughts. Positive actions will result. Get out of these material worldly desires.

          You need not focus on the negative aspects of your personality. We are not concerned with the personality — except as it is used as an instrument to uplift others. Concentrate and focus all energies on this Fivefold Path work now. Rebuild yourself with intensified meditations.

     All houses in which Agnihotra is performed regularly will be blessed. No harm will come.

           Do not look to the future now. Live in the precious moment. Allow the time to unfold.

          People should not feel they are being directed to pray because many people’s religious beliefs interpret prayer differently. What we are telling is a simple path to follow which will help others and help the person who follows it. That is the Fivefold Path: Yajnya, Daan, Tapa, Karma and Swadhyaya.

          Many feel that prayer helps them with desires, resentments, fears and the like. Then certainly pray, but true prayer is not asking for anything as Mother Mary has said, save His Will.

          All the time the mind wants to escape the nectar and go into the world of these sense desires. All the time. Many suffer in the world with no idea why they suffer. At least, if you choose the life of misery, you know you choose it. To have that awareness alone is precious. To make the right choices is even better. So one must learn to take joy in the spiritual life.

         Philosophy is kind to man. Men respect philosophy. To have philosophical debates is like dog following his tail round and round. He may catch hold of the tip of his tail only to lose it again. There is no time for philosophy. There is no end to it, no satisfaction or ultimate realization. We are not the mind. Therefore we may, must go beyond that.

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