To Change Another Person’s Perspective

           The most effective way to change another person’s perspective behavior, attitudes is by your own example. If the person is judgmental towards others, once you notice this fault in them, let it go. Otherwise you are also in danger of doing the same. Then show acceptance and tolerance to that individual. Do not be afraid of the person, what they will say or do to you. If you are reacting with love where is the question of fear?

          Strife will be apparent in even best of neighbourhoods. Anger is so close to surface. We must be humble. We must rid ourselves of the angry ego. If we must be harsh then we must do it with total love just as I was harsh with you. Now already in short time you are showing improvement so I need not be so harsh with you. Now we can get the work done. Ego prevents this. Ego delays this. Try and try again. You will be rewarded tenfold as you are told.

       Tomorrow there is no time. Tomorrow, future, many things will move so quickly. We move at a snail’s pace now as compared to then. The future is so soon always. On this path, we begin to transcend the limitations of time and also space as you have seen.

       Now comes a time when we have to learn to live in this world and still maintain spiritual life. People generally are not able to integrate the two. Of course, that is everyone’s lesson in this time. We cannot run off to the Himalayan mountains and live like monks. It is not that way now.

       When he mistreats you, is abusive to you or cold towards you, remember it is his own pain that causes him to do this. It is not your fault. Do not constantly blame yourself. He is unhappy. That is not because of you. Still he has no right to cause you pain. Nothing on this physical plane is going to give him joy. Nothing. Beautiful women are not what he needs. Fulfillment of desires is not what be needs. He needs love and support. You are his support. Serve him. You are the woman who can give him the Divine motherly love. That he needs deeply, especially now. To give Divine motherly love is to give acceptance, understanding, support, concern. Be affectionate.

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