The Four Corners of the World Must Be Reached

             The four corners of the world must be reached. The necessity is now emergency. In no other form will this Love go. In no other way will His light travel. Only through Agnihotra, only by His hand, only ones blessed to do this work.

               There is no time. No time left for the planet. Faith is to be rejuvenated. Whole lands will be saved from destruction, cause of destruction being altered. Rapid deterioration is evident. Still reversal is taking place due to YAJNYA in atmosphere.

             A family has very little money but their house is full of love. That atmosphere is so charged through Yajnya and Agnihotra. Also Tapa is important. The words we speak should reflect an inner peace, not anger or fear or resentment. Just love.

            Look at what your limits are but do not dwell on them. Look at your strengths and build on them. Spend time in silence, YAJNYA, meditation, etc. Free yourself from the bondage of attachment.

             Who wants to receive guidance can receive it in the many forms in which it comes. Through practice of meditation at least twice a day one begins to attune the mind to these higher vibrations.

             Do not look to the future now. Live in the precious moment. Allow the time to unfold.    

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