The Four Corners of the World Must Be Reached

            The four corners of the world must be reached. This necessity is now an emergency. In no other form will this Love go. In no other way will His light travel. Only through Agnihotra, only by His hand.

              Importance of Agnihotra goes  beyond scientific explanation. It gives a link with the Almighty. When you see past the physical you begin to think of what importance this is. Through Agnihotra many will be brought Home.

         Agnihotra eliminates tension from the mind. When practicing Agnihotra very soon you will observe how anger, lust, greed, for example, diminish and the tension exerted on the mind by these patterns of behavior is reduced. We feel free and this brings happiness. To free ourselves from our emotional cycles brings us peace

         It is anger that blocks the spiritual progress. What we do may be highly logical but there is a realm totally beyond rational, logical reasoning and that is the place where the Divine can be seen and heard. From this place, one’s experiences defy logic and this is difficult for people of highly developed intellect to comprehend.

          Never be too tired to become an instrument. It doesn’t depend on your own strengths or weaknesses. It all lies in His power. It is His will.

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