Spend Some Time Daily over Self-Introspection

                It is good practice to spend some time daily over self-introspection. We come to know that we are full to the brim with selfish desires that await gratification and evil thoughts that prey on others. When we become aware of these things, we become less prone to find fault with others. The egotistical attitude wanes. The gates to the Kingdom of Heaven within us are unbolted. Holy affirmations on our part during the period of introspection help us consolidate the habit of right thinking. Then we think along right lines not only during the introspection but all the time. Evil thoughts are then unable to make their way towards us. This is purification of the mind.

             Do not be affiliated with any group outside which follows doctrines about which you are not familiar. Be independent of political and religious affiliation. Of course follow your own religion of choice, but let Agnihotra and Homa Therapy go completely free from impurities. They stand on their own and need no support.

                 You will rise above these weaknesses and bad habits. It just takes a little more effort on your part. Be consistent in your efforts. If you want, you can set your clock for each meditation time. Set it to ring five minutes before. Then go immediately, do a small fire and sit for fifteen minutes.

                Do not allow one day or one incident to deter you. Keep making effort and things will become clear to you.

                Now it is up to you. Now it is up to all of you whether to follow what is told or to fall by the wayside. We can no longer carry those who are not willing to do the work. It was told "many will come, many will go". It is that time now. Actually the weeding out process is nearing completion.

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