Regular Sunday Chanting & Agnihotra in Belgaum, Karnataka, India

We received the following photos and letter from Eng. Vinayak Lokur, Belgaum, India:

     "Just to share with you:
Last month we started the program "Sunday Chanting & Agnihotra" in Belgaum and during the last 6 Sundays, we have been successful in the implementation of it. We, the Agnihotra performers of Belgaum, get together at a predefined place (it can be someone’s house, we change every Sunday), we chant and do the Om Tryambakam Homa for 15 to 20 minutes together and then perform group Agnihotra at sunset.

The last 2 weeks have been fantastic since we performed Agnihotra in one of the orphanages of Gangamma Chikumbimath and at the Elder´s Home Shantai Vridhashram. The residents have benefited greatly from the energy of the Homa fires.

In the process, we have been successful in sharing knowledge about Agnihotra to the residents near to the place of performance. They join the chanting program and experience the energy. 8 to 10 new families have started following the Fivefold Path teachings & are now performing Agnihotra. It has been a wonderful experience, so I thought of sharing it with you.
Om Shree Om"

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