Experience of Monk Chen Ting with Agnihotra in Huanuco, Peru

(Photo: Monk Chen Ting)

Monk Chen Ting
Acupuncturist, practitioner of Chinese Medicine and Homa Therapist
Huanuco, Peru, South America

      I have 19 years of experience with acupuncture and I have 4 years with Homa Therapy. I have seen many changes, profound, tremendous changes.

I had to do generally 10, 12 sessions of acupuncture on many patients before knowing Homa Therapy. But when I started to practice the Homa fires, many patients were healed in just one session. I repeat, this was a very profound change, very strong and very powerful.
My treatments usually were every other day, and in the beginning of Homa Therapy I was worried, because the patients did not come back. But suddenly more new patients arrived, recommended by the them! The Homa technique increased the potentiality of the treatment of the acupuncture needles. Now patients come even from other countries and other provinces. Sometimes I work until 11 or 12 at night.
As we practice Agnihotra daily, the herbs I use for treatments increase their natural healing power by being exposed to the energy field of Homa Therapy.
    When I arrived in Huánuco, 2 years ago, I rented a large office which had a garden in the backyard and this garden was dry. I sat down to do sunset Agnihotra and then I spread the ash to each plant and spoke to them telling them that I love them and that they will be beautiful, precious and strong. And so, it was.  On the next day, there was some rain and they flowered beautifully and had bright shining leaves. Once again, I welcomed them by saying how beautiful they were and they would be even much better.
And we continued to do Agnihotra for the good of all nature. Agnihotra helps many things, not just plants.
      Before moving here to my actual office, I had rented an office about 6 or 7 blocks from here. I moved all my things to that office and started to clean it. The herbs that I use for the patients were loose on top of the treatment bed. I did the cleaning with the doors open. Then I felt a vibration of some very strong energy, but there was no one else in the house. I felt it was a spirit. That spirit threw 3 packs of herbs on the wall. and from there they fell on the floor. I turned around and saw the spirit of an old lady filled with anger and then she disappeared. I picked up the herbs. I placed other things like ceramic mugs, a cologne and glasses on a safe place, close to the wall near the sink. Then suddenly this energy came again and everything was thrown on the floor with a loud noise; everything was broken. I turned around and it was her again.
So, I said to myself: No, I cannot let this happen! And I immediately started doing Tryambakam Homa. This was at noon and things started to calm down. After evening Agnihotra everything was completely calm and the old lady disappeared completely, she did not come back.
     When I moved here to this office, something similar happened. Spirits also threw things around and as soon as I entered the door, I got a total headache. A person had lived here before, who did evil things like witchcraft. Necessarily I also had to do the Homa fires.

With the practice of Agnihotra the place has become so peaceful that when patients cross the door, there already begins the Therapy.
Entering is like changing from one climate to another, positive one.
(Photo above: Sharing Agnihotra in Huanuco.)

Chen Ting shares Agnihotra with great success on a daily basis with his patients, ex-patients and friends. On his travels, he takes Homa Therapy with him to present it to more people.

(Photos in Huánuco and Pucallpa with Reiki Master Josh and José Tello.)

2 Replies to “Experience of Monk Chen Ting with Agnihotra in Huanuco, Peru”

  1. Good Morning. Respected Monk Chen Ting ji,

    I’m Mrs. Nutan Rathin Das from India. I felt Blessed reading of your powerful experiences with regular practice of Agnihotra.

    I have certain queries and shall be grateful if you can guide me in these matters :

    1). When we perform the OM Trayambakam Homa, should we perform it in the same Agnihotra Pyramid Kit or a different pyramid used exclusively only for the OM Trayambakam Homa ? OR

    2). Can we perform the Agnihotra and OM Trayambakam Homa in the same Pyramid ?

    3) Should the OM Trayambakam Homa be performed After or Before Agnihotra Homa ?

    I shall be very grateful for your guidance in this matter.


    Thanks and Kind Regards,


    1. Dear Madam,
      In case you did not get a reply to your questions:
      About using the same pyramid for Agnihotra. It is better if possible to use a different pyramid. One pyramid can be used only for Agnihotra and the other pyramid can be used for all other different Homas such as Om Tryambakam Homa.
      The Om Tryambakam Homa can be performed at any time before or after Agnihotra. But not at Agnihotra time. At Agnihotra time only Agnihotra Homa should be done.

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