Regular Agnihotra Meetings in Chisinau, Moldova, Eastern Europe

Mr. Benedict Carausu wrote and sent the photo where he shares Agnihotra:

"I first came in contact with Agnihotra in 1996 through my Ukrainian friend Andrey Guzanov.

  Later in 2000, I met Dr. Ulrich Berk, who visited Moldova and we organized several meetings in Chisinau (capital), where many participants started the practice of Agnihotra. After having a deep personal experience with Agnihotra, I began to teach and disseminate it with the help Dr. Berk. He visited us again in July 2001 and at that time we also visited Romania to present Agnihotra. This was a good start, but we still have to do more.
The year after we went to Russia and Ukraine and introduced many people to this healing technique. Since then I have been practicing Agnihotra regularly and I am organizing meetings once or twice a month in Chisinau."

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