Homa Volunteering in CESFAM (Family Health Centers), Quilicura, Santiago, Chile

From Santiago came these photos and Good News through Param Ananda about Homa volunteering in CESFAM (Family Health Centers), Quilicura:

       "This volunteering with Homa Therapy came about with the purpose of helping people with limited resources, who do not have the possibility of accessing these types of therapies. The surprise was great when I arrived there and realized that there was an even greater need for spiritual and mental help as social workers do not cater people with depression, low self-esteem, aggressiveness, etc. Homa volunteering is being carried out since one and a half years, giving wonderful results.
Offered are personal Ayurveda evaluations, Bach Flowers, meditation and yoga sessions, sound therapy for general public and a modified one for children with neurological problems, besides the once a month sound therapy with
Reiki. In the waiting hall, we have sometimes incorporated Homa Therapy, but not continuously since we did not have enough scientific bases to present the Homa Fires to the executives. However, with the arriving of Prof. Abel and Aleta, who presented Homa Therapy to all the hospital officials, thanks to that, now we will begin with a continuous program of Homa Therapy. Therapists have committed to do Agnihotra 3 days a week. But, we are inviting and teaching more people in order to be able to do it every day of the week.
      We started with the first meeting in the waiting room and we had about 20 people meditating with us and taking the Agnihotra ash!
 Om Shree.
(Photos above: Agnihotra and Sound Therapy at the CESFAM of Quilicura)

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