Refuse to Hate Your Enemy

      One will refuse to hate his enemy if one knows his refusal is going to purify his intellect and thus usher in manifestation of Grace.
     Speak less and less. In times of trouble silence is the only aid. Keep one hour silence each day, preferably mornings, if possible.
Every answer comes in silence.

     Blessings to those who continue to walk in Light even during periods when the Light cannot be seen. The clouds will move and the Light will again be bright. Brighter. Brighter.
Look at what your limits are but do not dwell on them. Look at your strengths and build on them. Spend time in silence, YAJNYA, meditation, etc. Free yourself from the bondage of attachment.
All people need to be told now. If they are not interested then that is their worry but it is our duty to deliver to the world this message. Agnihotra can save lives. Already results have shown cure of diseases, mental and physical. Still further research required.
You have reached a point where nothing else will fulfill your hunger than the Presence of the Almighty. This is a time when temptation is not so strong as before, where desires are easily seen for what they are and the longing for the Almighty is stronger than any other impulse.
The prophets have spoken of such a time as this, and now it has come. We are not aware of the tremendous power at our fingertips. We must use this wisely. It has been spoken of by many top scientists as well.
You must retrain the mind to think positively in all situations. Never harsh. Never critical. You are worthy of the blessings bestowed upon you. Recognize the innocence that lies within you just as you recognize it in the children.

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