On Negative Forces

On Negative Forces
We know that the dark side exists, certainly, but when we create an atmosphere of healing with these fires, it dispels the darkness. It can completely change the energy of the place and, in the same place where one has felt the negative forces, one is actually surrounded by the Devas who are protective. It becomes an atmosphere where healing takes place.

On Karma
The effect of bad Karma can be wiped out by intense practice of good Karma and more YAJNYA.

On Ghee and Copper
It is very important for the energy that the ghee be covered at all times when not in use. The best bowl for rice offering is copper.

On Conflict
You must rid yourself of the source of conflict, not only solve the conflicts as they arise. You must actually destroy the source of conflict itself. What is that source? When one is separate from the Divine, one will always find oneself in conflict. Therefore, effort must be made to open the channel, which lies inside one, which connects with the Divine. This has to be a constant effort. Here Mantra is great help. Now is the time to intensify Sadhana.

On Desires
One need not feel bad that one has desires. Put all focus on work and serving others. Let the desires come and go as thoughts during a meditation. Do not hold onto each longing. Then tendency is to focus on being unfulfilled. Never mind fulfilled or unfulfilled. Fulfill others. Then the LOVE comes.

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    1. Agnihotra is not like a traditional pooja and, as such, all the pooja rules do not apply. Agnihotra is very simple. There are very few rules.
      Agnihotra can be practised by anyone of any religion or any caste, men and women alike. No special diksha is required.
      For ladies, they should not practise Agnihotra during MC period. They should stop for 4 days from beginning of the cycle and then on 5th day take full bath put on fresh clothes and again start the Agnihotra.

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