Know What Is Going On In The World, But Do Not Allow It To Pull You Down

If you open a newspaper or read news on the computer, every day you will feel some shock. And every day it will be a new development. Even if still war is raging in one country, next day’s headlines will focus on the next disaster or the next horrific crime. Then, it gets replaced next day. Not that the dilemmas are resolved, but next headline has to be the next shock.
It used to be called a ‘hook.’ And what does a ‘hook’ do? It catches you. If you were a fish you would become that night’s dinner. But the news, though definitely grim, is designed, presented, packaged and delivered to hook you in.
Good to be aware, so you know what is going on in the world, but do not allow it to pull you down.

People will be coming to you for healing, for safety, for hope in times to come. Actually, they are already coming.
Your faith, your one-pointed devotion has to be stronger than the hooks coming day after day.
Your concentration should be to strengthen your minds, strengthen your bodies, and come together more often in UNITY, in harmony, with the intent to heal and transform the dross into gold.
Don’t get caught up in business, in daily dramas or day-to-day busy work. Take time for meditation and communication with each other.
These are uncommon times.
Build. Build. Build the Centre of Light. These are the times it is meant for.
Divine Will be done.
More Satsang, more strengthening each other.
And all of you drink more water!
More singing. Sing every day.
Singing is like water.
Don’t let fear make you apprehensive.
Have faith.
We are with all of you.
SERVICE is the way in and the way out.
All Our love and blessings.

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