Keep Silence One Hour a Day

       Silence. Keep silence one hour a day, at any point in the day. Each day find something to do which makes you happy. Any small thing. You will become aware that this will make others happy as well.

       Cycles of birth and death are never ending. TO HAVE THIS OPPORTUNITY IN THIS LIFE TO TRANSCEND IS LIBERATION. It is a time for total surrender, but do not surrender to a physical form, but to the Divine. Indeed, HE is above all — PURE and completely ONE.

       When a person rises higher, do you think he becomes someone else? No. He just really lets himself be innocent and uncovers the diamond within. All the layers of ego have to go.

           After some time the strain becomes more and more and even the best personal relationships fail. So one has to have humility. Until one is willing to really go a little deeper, all the relationships are the same: highs and lows. Pride is the worst enemy. Humility is the way.

          Blood takes on every colour which we produce in the mind and carries it to the body. Therefore it is necessary to cultivate and preserve in the mind the clear, pure attitude of the spirit so that the bodily atoms get pure. This helps the welfare of surroundings.

          Start some ladies classes, not to teach but for devotional singing. This is now necessary. Few women will teach Fivefold Path in the way men will go. However women will carry major part of this Divine message. You are to give love to the people through simple means. When you reach a stage where all you do is serve others and be full of love all the time, people come to you. There is no need to speak. You only look into the eyes and it is done. Power is not put into the hands of those unworthy or incapable of it. Use this strength to deliver impacts to the people. You will see how through your humble love it will go.

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