Jesus Showed Me the Homa Fire

Mrs. Myriam practicing Homa Therapy

Myriam Gonzáles
La Serena, Chile, South América

   I have been a teacher dedicated to education for 30 years. I am married, mother of three children and grandmother. I have been a therapist the in ‘Art of healing’ for about 25 years. The following is one of the many stories and experiences that have happened to me on this long journey in search of spirituality and knowledge of the Divine.
At the beginning of this millennium, in 2005, we were still living in the capital of Chile, Santiago.

I was participating in various groups that imparted spiritual knowledge and taught how to connect with our divine essence. In one of these groups, through a guided meditation I had the following experience. It consisted of a trip that would take us imaginatively to Egypt, where the group would receive initiations at the pyramids.

I should point out that by then, I had already received my Reiki healing mastery from Master Usui. This gave me a certain advantage for meditation was relatively easy for me. I was able to connect and communicate with ascended Masters as we know them until now.
At one point in that meditation, I saw myself in another temporal space that was not where I was supposed to arrive with the rest of the group. I was in a field that was ready to be sown. In the middle of it, there was a large and lonely tree. In the distance, I saw a person who was walking towards me and was carrying something in his hands that I later observed and could describe as a pyramid.

I recognized that person who was undoubtedly my Master and guide Jesus the Christ, with whom I maintain a close bond as He assists me on my path as a healer to this day.
Once the contact with Him was made, He sat in front of me and invited me to observe a ceremony for me unknown until then. He began to sing in a language that was unknown to me. He was holding a glass with a hand, and pouring a liquid similar to honey into the fire with the other hand. Later I would come to know that this liquid was Ghee.
He accompanied that chant with some Mudras that He performed simultaneously with his hands. He also indicated to me that I should perform that ceremony to be able to help clean the fields, crops and people, and that this would finally help the planet.

Upon returning from meditation from that timeless space and telling the group guide about my experience, he told me that what Master Jesus had taught me is Homa Therapy. I knew nothing about it before. I stammered to him the chant of what I could remember and he said that without a doubt, it was the Agnihotra Mantra. And he proceeded to chant it and repeat it several times so that I could remember it.

From that moment I continued to practice Agnihotra sporadically until one day I met a person who had learned Homa Therapy in the Elqui Valley. His level of knowledge was higher than the one I have had up to that moment. That gave me a new impulse to continue learning and improving the way of doing Agnihotra.

Agnihotra – a gift to humanity.

      Time passed and for work reasons I had to travel to the southern part of my country to work as a teacher in a rural school in the middle of nature, where the native forest, flora and fauna make up a whole of incredible scenic beauty that is highly appreciated for its purity worldwide.

At that school, as extra-curriculum activities, I was allowed to teach my students various disciplines of personal growth such as meditation and Tai-chi among several others. So, I decided to add and teach Homa Therapy, thinking about helping the environment and the families that lived in that rural community.

It was then that a very special event happened and that has motivated me to relate it, despite the time that has elapsed since then.

One day the supporter of the establishment where I worked told me that she was very worried about the imminent arrival of a mining company that was coming to carry out a survey very close to the facilities where the school operated. If this study was positive, the place and the school and all its surroundings would be seriously threatened, since the extraction entailed serious environmental contamination that would irreparably damage the nature and biosphere of the place, even endangering the safe operation of the school establishment.
        The technical background that the company previously did was solid enough, in the sense that they already knew that the vein to be explored existed and it was profitable enough to exploit it. For this reason, they had spent a good time in the place. They had set up their camp and had already transferred a number of machineries, equipment and personnel.

It is in this scenario that I decide to start practicing the sacred Homa fires every Friday with the entire school community and for a long time, about a couple of years.
The intention and the objective were to request protection for the place and the community and so we continued until one day the manager of the mining company approached the school, expressing to the director that they were abandoning the works and would close the camp since the mineral vein had "vanished" and it no longer made sense to continue with the work there!

We currently live in La Serena, together with my husband, and because of those “causalities” of the Divinity we have been connected for at least three years with Bhargava Dham and his affectionate and wise friends from whom we still continue to learn more about this wonderful Homa Therapy and about the teachings that beloved Master Shree Vasant left us.

Thus concludes this story, my personal experience, which is my testimony of the effectiveness of Homa Therapy and that I decided to share it with you. Warm greetings.
Om Shree!

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