International Homa Forum in the “Universidad Nacional De Piura” (UNP), Peru

The International Homa Forum was another wonderful opportunity to demonstrate to the broad public the scientific and practical aspects of this ancient science of healing from the knowledge of Ayurveda.

Pharmacist Monika Koch from Germany, well-known for her many years of studies of the Agnihotra ash medicine and her book “Homa Therapy – the Ancient Science of Healing” opened the forum with a Vyahruti Homa (photo left).

Prof. Abel Hernandez gave an introduction of Homa Therapy to the many newcomers (below).

At Agnihotra time, there were over 130 fires lit and healing, joy and love was just spreading everywhere…

Dr. John Matlander from South Africa explained the effect of Agnihotra ash on pathogenic bacteria & contaminated waters as experimented in tests in the clinical laboratory of Dr. Luis Criollo in Cuenca, Ecuador. (photo above shows from left to right Dr. John Matlander, Dr. Oscar Vasquez, Admin. Vice President of the UNP, Dr. Washington Calderon, Director of the International Cooperation Dept. of the UNP and Dr. Jaime Montufar, Ecuador).
Dr. Ulrich Berk (Germany, photo below right) took the opportunity to express his finding as a scientist and active Agnihotri for almost 40 years.

Pharmacist Monika Koch (photo below) demonstrated some simple and effective Agnihotra ash preparations, gave some tricks of the trade and invited everyone to be creative with their own Homa recipes.

Dr. Jaime Montufar M.D (photo below right) had come from Guayaquil with a double-decker bus full of patients to present some of the “Homa Miracles” that he and his patients experience daily in the “Medical Homa Center the Good Shepherd.” (photo below left – all of Dr. Montufars patients also brought their Agnihotra kit).

Dr. Washington Calderon and Dr. Oscar Vasquez (photo below) from the UNP honored several people for their years of support and promotion of Homa Therapy with a “Homa Recognition certificate” signed by the UNP and the ONG Agrohoma.

Artists, Jorge Jaen and Cote Zurita painted “Fire in Paradise” during the International forum and presented their impressing oil painting to the public just before Agnihotra. They did also get some help from their children.
Mr. Carlos Chunga and his folkloric children’s dance group did some wonderful, colorful and very expressive dance presentations for the joy and entertainment of all. Thanks so much Carlos and kids!
Again, all generations united in Love and respect to practice the healing Agnihotra fire. A dance of Divine Light and healing energies surrounded not only all the participants, but reached much further … brought love, peace and healing to the planet, starting with our own hearts!

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