Homa Therapy in Moldova

Moldova, formerly part of the Soviet Union, is now an independent small country south of Ukraine and north-east of Romania. There is very little industry and the economy of the country is totally dependent on agriculture.

In communist times Moldova produced a lot of fruits and vegetables for the whole Soviet Union. This was done in the old Kolchose system – there were no individual farmers but thousands of hectares of land cultivated by village people who had to go up to 10 or 20 km to their work. For many miles you just see fields, no farmhouses. Of course they used lot of chemicals, fertilizers, insecticides, pesticides. In recent years part of the land is being given back to some farmers who start to work on small scale again.

Now there are two main problems:
The soil originally was very good but as it was exploited for many years by the industry-type system of Soviet farming it does not produce much if they stop using chemicals. And these new small farmers do not have the money for chemicals.

Insects become more and more a problem, especially the potato beetle. It became resistant against the normal chemicals, so they had to use stronger chemicals. New mutations of the potato beetle are again resistant against these and also now they attack not only potatoes but also tomatoes and other plants. Farmers say it would be a revolution if by Homa methods these potato beetles could be controlled. But now, end of June, there are only six weeks left until the potatoes will be harvested – so I guessed this will not be enough time for doing a Resonance Project. But for next year this can be organized.

On June 23 I arrived in Chisinau, the capital of Moldova. I was invited by Benedict Caraus and his wife Valeria. Next day we had a meeting with more than 50 people in KARLOS, the only Esoteric Bookshop in Chisinau. There was very good response, and nearly everybody stayed for two hours to wait for Sunset Agnihotra after nine p.m., and many people wanted Agnihotra pyramids. Next morning at 5 o’clock 8 people gathered again for morning Agnihotra in a central park of the town!

Sunday morning Benedict and Valeria took me to a small village in the North of Moldova – just few kms away from Ukraine – where we met Glorian and Wladimir, two young farmers who just got 4 ha of land back from the government. They are willing to start a Resonance Project on their land. But as there are no buildings whatsoever so no room for Agnihotra or Tryambakam. Glorian and Wladimir were little bit disappointed when I told them that we need some huts to start the project. They plan with construction on their land in August. Anyway they wanted pyramids so that they can start with Agnihotra already and do it as often as possible on the land. At least we prepared a spray of boiled water; Agnihotra ash and powdered dry cow dung and applied this to the watermelons, which did not grow properly. Hopefully this has some good effect even when the Yajnya atmosphere will not be there continuously.

In the garden of Benedict’s mother there was one field with potatoes which were heavily affected by potato beetles. There also we did the spraying while doing Tryambakam Homa. Some more friends had come so we did every day some hours. Irina, Benedict’s 13 years old cousin liked this so much that when I left she wanted to start with Agnihotra. I gave her a pyramid in exchange of some kilos of cowdung, which she has to prepare, till I come next time. After the spraying before we left I checked the field again and there were considerably less potato beetles on the plants. Irena will continue with Agnihotra so hopefully the plants will recover.

Before flying back we had another meeting in this esoteric bookshop for the practical things – doing the mantras together, explaining how to prepare ghee, how to dry cowdung, organizing copies of the time table for sunrise/sunset, etc.

On my way back I stopped for one day in Budapest/Hungary as this was on the way. I met with George, a friend of the old days who had organized meetings several times then. Tried to meet Laslo Beky, a healer who in one conference in Budapest had measured the effect of Agnihotra with his pendulum using a certain chart and he had found out that Agnihotra connects us to the highest energy of the universe. Alas, he was not there on this day. Joanna (originally from Ukraine) who did good work with Agnihotra ash medicine before no longer lives in Budapest.

One good thing: In Chisinau I met Andrey Guzanov, a healer from Kiew (Ukraine) who showed Agnihotra to many people. I talked to him about the project to give Agnihotra ash tablets free to the people as help against the radioactive contamination in the food. He was very happy to hear about this plan. He offered his help in giving information to some alternative clinic in Kiev. So I should prepare some paper and give to him.

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