Happenings in Panama

In 1997 together with Maria Alejandra Mendez from Venezuela and Roger Subotnik from US, I took part in a highly successful project to eliminate the plant disease Sigatoka Negra from a heavily infected farm in Puerto Armuelles, Panama, using only Homa Therapy methods.

A few days before I left the farm in Puerto Armuelles to go back to the States, Mr. Azizi and Mr. Camarena came to the farm. They are from David, which is the capitol city of the province of Chiriqui, approximately one hundred kilometers from Puerto Armuelles. We had a very interesting conversation, since both of them are into healing with energy methods. Mr. Azizi also owns a coffee and an orange farm. For them, the explanations of how Agnihotra works and how it creates its tremendous effects were very logical.

On my way to Panama City, Mr. Azizi invited me to stay for a couple days in his house and to teach Agnihotra to a group of metaphysically interested people who meet regularly in his house. I was happy to do that. In the group who gathered weekly there were computer technicians, high school teachers, medical doctors, a massage therapist, a Reiki healer, a karate and Tai Chi teacher and businessmen. Everyone listened very attentively, gratefully and with an open mind when I explained how it is such a simple process to create a better world with these ancient methods of healing the atmosphere. The healed atmosphere heals us and our surroundings. I also talked about the effects of the Agnihotra ash and its different uses in folk medicine.

The following day I had the chance to meet even more people and give another lecture on Agnihotra. I was asked to talk about the five principles given in the Vedas as a blueprint for how to live a happy life on this planet. These biopsychological techniques help us to set up life patterns which enable us to get rid of our emotional cycles and happiness can dawn.

Generally, I had the strong impression that people are looking for practical knowledge; they have had enough from mere intellectual knowledge and they want to DO something.

I also got an opportunity to speak to a group of people involved as environmentalists. These people are very aware of the ongoing destruction of sea, land and ground water resources through the indiscriminate, uncontrolled use of chemicals in agriculture and the commonly used methods of discarding waste products. (For example, palm oil factories empty their hot, oily tanks into the rivers.) They have formed a very effective group of lawyers, doctors, architects, biologists and others and are in the process of connecting with Greenpeace. One of their projects is to establish an Agro-Eco-Tourism project in the area of Chiriqui.

The few pyramids I carried with me were not sufficient. When I arrived in the city I took care that more were sent to Mr. Azizi’s house.

When I talked to Mr. Azizi on the phone one week later he mentioned that Ching, the Tai Chi teacher who works also with handicapped children, has introduced Agnihotra with great success in his school and is performing Agnihotra regularly with lots of disciples. The other teachers are only waiting to get their pyramids. In his house he is practicing the fires regularly too. He said that he feels as if he is being cleansed and purified from inside. Quite a few times he had the chance to introduce more friends to this old science and that everybody understands it so easily.

This is how Grace works.

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