Homa Therapy Exhibition in Gleissdorf, Austria

Reiner and Manuela Sczypior wrote from Gleissdorf, Austria:

"We had the opportunity to inform the community of Gleissdorf about the Holistic Healing Science of Homa Therapy and the Fivefold Path Mission School through exhibitions, presentations, talks and local newspaper articles.

This happened during the month of April, since, by Grace, we had the chance to rent a shop in the main Street of Gleissdorf.
         During this time, we performed evening Agnihotra with the public. It was a wonderful experience to share this ancient Vedic knowledge with the community."
photos: sharing knowledge of Homa Therapy through teaching, practice of Agnihotra, preparation of Homa folk medicines, lectures, etc.

   "We also had the attendance of organic farmers, to mention Mr. Peter Painer from the Garden Paradise in Eggersdorf and organic apple grower Mr. Reinhard Steinbauer.
Agnihotris from neighboring villages also participated and shared their Homa experiences.

So did our dear friend Eduard Aichbauer, a great devotee  and one of the first practitioners of  Homa Therapy in Austria. One evening was spent just listening to graceful and wise stories.
We are thankful for the opportunity to live our lives in the company of Agnihotra, the Grace Provider of this Era. God bless us all."

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