Homa Festival 2009, Guayaquil, Ecuador

Again the HOMA FESTIVAL 2009 has been a wonderful success in spreading the message of Healing and Love on a mass scale. There were even more healing Agnihotra fires lit than in the years before! The stage was full with Agnihotris in front of hundreds of people receiving the healing energies. It was a Festival of GRACE and sharing!

We heard wonderful, miraculous testimonies of people who had suffered from incurable diseases, but Homa Therapy could resolve their problems. All Agnihotra practitioners have their own healing story, but what joins them, is GRATITUDE and the wish to SERVE others.

The Homa Festival was a place to make friends and to join forces for healing beyond words. Continuous Tryambakam Homa was maintained during the Festival by the Homa Center of Guayaquil with Sonia Hunter, Luzmila, Matilde and friends at the entrance and by the Quito Homa Center represented by Vicky Zurita and her family at the rear of the hall.

The various musical and dance presentations were very much enjoyed by everyone and it seems that Guayaquil found its Shakira in Olga Astrid Pazminio Alvarez.

All the children (approx. 400) and many of the parents and adults received gifts, which Dr. Montufar, his wife Olga, their children and his patients had acquired and carefully packed, with lots of love. They were given and received with so joyfully.

We want to express our thanks in the name of Homa Therapy to all the radio stations which cooperated so the word of the HOMA FESTIVAL 2009 spread quickly in Guayaquil. Their effort & invitations were truly a Service to the community. Our special thanks go to Sonia Hunter for pulling all the strings with the media.

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