Go More and More into These Disciplines

       If you go more and more into these disciplines, you will live in harmony. One word of kindness does more than twenty words of criticism or insult. One kind word, one kind thought, all the time. Smile.

       So many people suffer now in the world. Everyone has his own Karma. You may look at someone and think, "How ideal his/her life is." Then you do not know what troubles they already have, what is to come to them. So never look at the next person and think like that. Envy does no person good.

      We must never associate with violence of any kind. Only total love. You are being worked on in a big way. Now it becomes easy for you to rise much higher very quickly.

      Simplify your life. You make it ten times more complicated than it already is. You don’t even realize it.

       In your meditations, when you have questions, answers will come. You cannot expect however to sit down and receive an answer one day because for that one time you have meditated. You must train and relax the mind to a certain point by meditating regularly every day. Then automatically you become attuned to another energy cycle and receive higher knowledge through subtle channels.

      When you meditate, it helps you in a much subtler way than actual physical, mental experiences. It also helps those around you. Do not think "Oh, I had a bad meditation". Sometimes it is delightful, other times very subtle. If there is some disturbance consistently in your meditations, check your diet and posture during meditation.

      You cannot teach common sense. If a person does not have that it is only because the mind is undisciplined. The mind is preoccupied with other thoughts, whether they be fantasies, worries, fears or the like. So it does not utilize its full potential. Then such people are referred to as ‘scatter brained’. This is a very accurate word as it describes the undisciplined mind. So one cannot learn ‘common sense’. One cannot learn even to make best use of his ability to draw on logic or intuitions unless one’s mind is properly trained. Once the mind is trained properly, all the natural abilities come to the fore and the person can begin to live an efficient life with clarity of mind.

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