‘Funlibre’ – the New Homa Therapy Center in Bogota, Colombia

Mrs. María Teresa Nuñez wrote:
    "Little by little the new Homa Center of Bogota ‘Funlibre’ is getting stronger, thanks to the dedication of Diana Marcela Molano and her husband Joaquín Endir Rozo.
   We can support them with our presence. The power of many Fires lit is helping this area, the country and the entire planet. Our country needs now more than ever, many HOMA FIRES and many AGNIHOTRAS.
May no pyramid remain unlit, because this is our power, our FIRE weapon of LOVE, COURAGE and STRENGTH … and this is the time, this is the occasion!

(Mrs. María Teresa Nunez in the center)

   And those who do not remember the technique well, please come to this Homa Center to remember, or join the centers in the different cities or look for constant practitioners and unite. Because AGNIHOTRA is The light that Colombia now needs! 
Om Shree Om."
 (Photos – meetings in the new Homa Center of Bogota in the Esmeralda Barrio.)

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