Freedom Mission (Part II) – Cleansings of US Civil War Sites of Slave Massacres

Jarek and I returned to Poland on April 4th from U.S. after “Civil War Cleansing Mission II”, a cleansing of sites where there had been massacres of slaves during the American Civil War.

As we learned on our first trip last year, there were souls still trapped at those sites waiting to be freed. And once again, the experience was life-altering for all involved. The very thought of being able to assist souls in being released from a state of limbo is beyond our imagination. We are deeply grateful to have been instrumental in this blessed task.

As I did from the previous trip, I have decided to share the whole trip and what guidance came, what souls came through to tell their stories, and the process we went through. So, the text of the following messages includes some from other sources other than Orion, but all are so connected.

Also in another type style I have inserted research results about some of the Civil War sites we visited.

Seeing the effects of war on those who were massacred in the 1860s in America, I am reminded of the heinous crimes against humanity still in existence today. How can we mobilize our forces with love and compassion and move them to action to prevent more wars and spread the word of peace? May we search for the ways Civil War Cleansing Mission II and never forget those who suffered then and those who suffer now. Please include them in your prayers and meditations. What happens to one of us, happens in some way to us all.

Thank you to those of you who assisted in Civil War research, which sometimes seemed fruitless, as so much real information is hidden or not recorded in historical texts.

We found the ones we were looking for. Their calls were louder than any history book could have recorded.

Much love to you all, on behalf of our group of dedicated “freedom fighters”:
Henry and Jannette Gregory, Noni Faruq, Norma “Dimples” Wooten, Tom Couto, Darlene Haggerty, Jarek Bizberg and me. And to all who were there in spirit!

March 18, 2007 Madison, Virginia
The cleansing mission began. Eight of us — Henry and Janette Gregory, ‘Dimples’ Wooten, Noni Faruq, Tom Couto, Darlene Haggerty, Jarek and Parvati (Rosen) Bizberg embarked on a journey into Civil War South on Civil War Cleansing Freedom Mission II. We gathered at Darlene’s home in Madison, Virginia and got recharged and energized for our morning departure.

Just two weeks prior to our trip, my dear friend David had passed away. I was still kind of in a state of shock when our group came together. The morning of our trip, last minute I had to go pick up some things just before we were scheduled to leave. I was worried it would delay the trip. As we started the car ignition, a song came on the radio (which we had not turned on!). The words were:
“Things don’t always work out like you want them to.”
We broke into laughter, and what could have taken hours ended up taking only one hour. Before long we were all ready to go. It was an immediate lightening of the spirit.

Shree’s message began our trip:
“This is a good time to leave, to embark on this mission of peace and release. You are walking through lines separating one world from the next. When you do these cleansings, it heals the earth upon which these atrocities were done. It releases the souls, frees them to move on to the next level, to reincarnate, to evolve beyond present circumstance. It is all Grace. Big work. Great work.

“When you stop for the disciplines, if time is
essential to the work, to reach a place on time
for example, you can stop for five minutes and
continue on.

“How is Ross now? Good if you can meet him in Baltimore. He would have liked to come, so bring him with you in spirit. It is important for him.

“All blessings for this journey of Light, all
of you. OM TAT SAT.”

All along the way, we were instructed to stop for meditation timings and we did. So, we stayed on track and focused, communicating via cell phones down the highway. Along the way, even the music which we were playing coincided with arrival at the sites. As we approached Plymouth, Sweet Honey in the Rock came on, singing, “We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.”


More than 800 black soldiers, recruits and more than 1000 fugitive slaves (men, women and children) were massacred in April 1864 as they fled into a swamp at Plymouth. When it appeared that the Confederates were about to overtake the Federal fort and that the city was being surrendered, blacks fled for the Conaby Creek, followed by Confederate soldiers. Most were reported killed; many drowned.

March 19, 2007. Plymouth, North Carolina
Our first site was Plymouth, North Carolina. Because we arrived late in the evening, we stayed at a motel arranged for us by Raymond Smith of Chapel Hill, North Carolina, who joined us for the first two sites in North Carolina. He is an Agnihotra practitioner and Light worker, and an old friend of Parvati’s and Darlene’s. It was a good reunion and he was so helpful in locating and leading us to the exact site by Conaby Creek in Plymouth the next morning, which was our first cleansing.

We drove through residential areas which bordered the river, until finally we came to a boat dock area which was public. We arranged our vans in the parking lot to shield our little “picnic scene” and sat in a circle on blankets. We lit the fire and performed Vyahruti Homa, followed by Purusha Suktam and Sapta Shloki. As soon as the fire began to flame, I found myself leaping to my feet and running down to the boat dock by the river. There, I walked out on the dock and could see many slaves coming through the water from the right side. They gathered around the boat dock.

Shree was blessing them. He said:
“They are coming from the right. There are many more souls being released here now. There are not 800, not 1,000. There are over 1,000 souls being released on this date at this site. There were many more lost here than reported, and much work to do today…into the night.”

Shree continued blessing the souls as they came forward. I remained standing on the dock during the whole time, arm outstretched as I could feel Shree blessing them and chanting Mantras.

Shree called to them:
“Be free. Do not despair.”

One man came forward, very close to the dock with his family. He said,
“Elijah. Son, Jeremiah. Wife, Mary. We come from Shenandoah.”

The woman held baby Jeremiah up, and Shree blessed him.

Shree continued:
“Good to go to New Bern. One fire, and continue. Do as many cleansings as possible today. Keep going.”

March 19, 2007
We stopped at noon for meditation. I heard Shree’s Voice:
“You are all an army of Light. Move like an army, taking first North Carolina, then South Carolina, on to Georgia.

“If you do not sense how to proceed, or whether to stop or not stop, just ask. Every step is guided by Our Hand.

“Today is a crucial day to complete North Carolina and South Carolina.

“The site of the Fort is one which has already been attended to, having been the focus of previous healings over the years, but what We do is not akin to any other healing or cleansing. It is not a technique which is either taught or learned. It is operated by Grace. We use this willing instrument as We wish. Therefore, the aim is pure, the action is pure and the results pure. All of you walk in Light.

“All blessings for this day. OM TAT SAT.”


During the two year federal occupation (1862-1864) approximately three thousand blacks from the area surrounding Plymouth to the Coast, and down to New Bern, joined the Union. Following the Plymouth massacre, New Bern became the refugee center for ex-slaves and fugitives. (More research is needed to determine the nature of atrocity/massacre against blacks.)

March 19, 2007. New Bern (site of refugee camp)
We arrived in New Bern visitor’s centre where we were given information from a very helpful young woman at the desk who indicated where the refugee camps had been all by the river. On one side of the bridge were the aristocracy and on the other side, James City, were the slaves.

We drove to the area that was formerly James City, again through a residential area. All the riverfront properties were privately owned. Finally, we found a space between two private dwellings which was a public walkway down to the river. We all walked down to the river and overlooking the river was an old pier upon which was proudly displayed a Confederate flag! It was interesting how the flag had been waving and when we did the fire, the flag stopped still and didn’t move. I didn’t see any beings there, but it felt very strong.

Shree suddenly said to us,
“Stand up.

“At this site, you will not be able to see these beings, for instantly they are freed. We have asked you to stand to honour the people who are being released. Now, you sing to them songs of love and freedom, songs of justice and of righteousness. In your hearts, have forgiveness for those who perpetuated this slaughter. Noni, lead us in song now. OM.”

March 19, 2007 Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
By this time, following dinner on the road, some of us were considering staying overnight in Myrtle Beach and continuing on to Fort Wagner, Charleston in the morning. We were quickly redirected!

Shree’s Voice:
“There is no question. Crucial means crucial.
All of you are in the army now, so no mutiny. Go directly to the site, nearby the place, and there do fire and same as all other sites. This was the site of great peril and loss. This particular cleansing is not only for any remaining souls, but for the land and water purification. So, gather your strength and move the troops. Forward march.

“Then, after this, have good long rest. Go to Ebenezer Creek, Savannah and take good time there before leaving for Atlanta. Keep contact for Atlanta.”


Immortalized in the 1989 film Glory, the celebrated 54th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry Regiment (an all-black company) was sent out on a grand charge on Fort Wagner. The troops were in no physical condition to lead the storming against the fort, having fought a fierce engagement on nearby James Island, losing nearly 10 percent of its men. After two days of marching in subtropical heat with no rations, the half starved and physically spent troopers finally reached Morris Island just hours before the assault. Union commanders also failed to provide them with guides, engineers, or provisions for overcoming obstructions. Finally, these soldiers had no prior experience in storming a fort, much less leading an assault against one.

ORION’s original response of months ago was:
“Yes, yes, yes. If time permits and this site is accessible, there most certainly are those waiting for release in the immediate vicinity of this site.”

We continued on to Fort Wagner, even though it was quite late already. We arrived in Charleston around 10:00 P.M. and began to search for a site across from Morris Island, where the battle of Fort Wagner had taken place. We again had to drive through a residential area and finally found a space between two private homes which was an opening by the river. We couldn’t get down to the river from there, as it was a swamp. But we knew it was as close as we could get to the site, which was actually an island that had been partially washed away.

We gathered in a circle on our blankets in between the parked vans and the river, and did one fire.

I saw the black soldiers gather around the back of our circle. They took off their hats and held them in their hands behind them. They were reverent. They said, “Thank you,” one by one.

Shree’s Voice:
“As We had told before, this site, original site was cleansed before. Here, many souls have been freed, though today there are some very near you now being released. Their spirits are joyous. This is what you feel, JOY.

“When souls are released, the pain is lifted and this gives way to JOY.”

One soldier who appeared to be the leader of the
group of men came up to me and said,
“We were not afraid. We were never afraid. We laid down our lives, but we had no idea. No idea. We were trapped.

“My men thank you. I have never lost my honour. I have stayed by my men. I have been able to be free, but I have stayed with my men. We sang. Now, we are all free. For this, we are grateful.

“We hear you. May God bless you all.

“I was from Salem.”

March 20, 2007. 12:00 Noon
The next day our group stopped at an Earth Fare food store and everyone went in to shop for healthy foods for the remainder of our journey. I also went into the store, but found myself kind of lost, as I felt I was in between worlds somehow…a bit overwhelmed by the many choices! Orion addressed it.

“Yes, yes. This is a culture of convenience and of endless choices. Your European sensibilities are shocked by the many choices available to you. Keep it simple and enjoy. Certainly, do not let it steer you off course.

“Today’s venue is different from all other sites. Ebenezer Creek holds the very most, the greatest number of slaves to be freed at this time. It will take your full concentration. At this site particularly, sing hymns from this era. The souls here are ones who were most of a spiritual nature. Why have they not been released to this day? Indeed, this is baffling, but they will tell you in their words. They have been waiting.

“All across this land, souls are waiting. You are guided by a force greater than the individual and you know and recognize the source as the Supreme Being.

“What are you doing shopping anyway? Let others do the food shopping. You should know better. Keep your energies focused on the Light. Let others be the gatherers of food for the journey. Stay focused, out of harm’s way.

“We are moving with this army of Light Workers. On to Georgia now. Without delay, but right on time.”


As Sherman made his way from Atlanta to Savannah, the slaves living along the route perceived the rampaging Federals as an army of liberation and trailed behind them. Sherman and many of his officers considered the fugitives a nuisance and an encumbrance to their movements. When they arrived at Ebenezer Creek on December 9, 1864, the troops erected a pontoon bridge. As soon as the Union soldiers had crossed the bridge, Brigadier General Davis ordered the bridge disassembled, stranding approximately 650 blacks on the far side of the stream in Confederate territory. At the approach of the Confederate horsemen, many of the blacks tried to swim or cross on makeshift rafts of logs, but the significant number drowned.

Ebenezer Creek
When we arrived, Noni collapsed in tears on the blanket we set up by the river. Noni didn’t usually break down, so we all knew something very strong was at this site. However, the area was quite popular and boats were being loudly launched from the spot. Men were arriving in trucks and unloading their boats and other boats were noisily arriving at the shore. So, I found myself feeling uncomfortable, as if maybe this was too public and my concentration would be broken. Tom and Henry inquired of the woman who ran a small shop by the river. She was so friendly and agreed to us setting up a “picnic” and lighting a fire as long as it was enclosed. When they told her we would be singing gospel songs and hymns, her reply was that it was fine as long as we sang them loud enough for her to hear us, since she loved those songs.

Shree’s Voice guided us:
“This is where the boats dock, so it is a public place. See what Tom and Henry have to say. It is always best when performing fire and doing these cleansings, to be as focused and concentrated as possible. So, as far as possible, nothing should disturb the process. That’s all. Henry and Tom can tell what they feel, since they have approached the person but as far as possible, let the energy not be disturbed.

“This site is one of the biggest sites, so we have to take care and be clear. Your feelings are accurate. It is difficult to perform a cleansing at a boat dock. Start the fires and let Us do this now.”

Despite the boats coming and going, motors starting and revving, once we began the fire everything stopped. It was as if the rest of the public was frozen in time! I sat closest to the river and looked out over the water. Suddenly, the water nearest to me began to ripple quite fast, slapping up against the shore. At that time, I didn’t see it, but Tom said later that he looked up at the sky. From across the river, hawks flew out of the trees, formed a circle overhead and then flew away. That is when the slaves began to come toward where our group was seated in semicircle all facing the river.

One woman came close. Her head was down and she had cloth on her head. When she lifted her face to me, I nearly fell into the water. I doubled over crying, because it was Noni! She held a baby boy in her arms, who could not have been older than 2-3 weeks.

“Bless us. Now bless all of us. Now you see, I am free.”

The others came forward from behind her and spoke their names.

A toothless old lady. She smiled and said I could just leave it at that. A younger woman came forward proudly saying,
“My name is Nyama.”

One woman spoke for the group.
“We comin’ free now. We comin’ free. Praise Lord. Praise, praise, praise Him.

“Our children born and died here.

“We don’t carry no hatred, no we don’t carry it. We sing. We pray.

“We knew this day was gonna come. We be waitin’ for you.

“You our mothers, you our fathers. You our brothers. You our sisters. You our children. You our family. We knew you would come. Good Lord had prepared us. Now we free. We free as a bird. Thank you. Bertie.”

I wondered and asked, “Only women here?”

Bertie said, “They men,” as she pointed into the river.

Behind the women, the men stood back, shyly.
“Thank you.”

One man said, “That’s my brother. Some of us done took our lives, after ones we loved had died. We knew it was wrong, but so heavy were our hearts. The good Lord has had mercy on us. The Lord is mercy, mercy, mercy.

“But we were not afraid. Not one of us was afraid.”

As our group all sang gospel songs with great emotion and vigour, they all swayed in the river, all clapping and swaying side to side.

I asked, “How many?”

“Oh they must have been thousands of us, but not just here. All along the waters, we fell. We jumped. We wailed, we called each others’ names. We prayed. Sing, sing, sing, sing, sing.”

I asked, “Where from?”

Bertie replied,
“All that’s not important, girl. That you have come, oh that you angels of mercy have come, to set us free. We are so blessed. And with you blessings of the Lord. Sing.”

Later, as we were packing up to depart, Tom mentioned that on the road in the van which Noni was travelling, she had made an unusual comment.
“My goal on this trip is for all of you to set
me free!”

I was in the other van and was very surprised
at yet another confirmation!

March 20, 2007. Savannah, Georgia. Sunset,
Shree’s Voice:
“Our work here is complete. Now tonight plan Atlanta and talk about what occurred today. It is nothing short of a miracle.

“Now, Parvati has to travel many places for this type of cleansing and healing.

“We are moving you from place to place like an army and this is Divine work. Truly this is the path of Grace, but We make no show of it. This is not channelling or any technique for freeing souls. Guidance is given by Grace. It is followed to a tee and all of you receive blessings as blessings are bestowed. It is all Grace.

“Atlanta is hidden underground. One contact may help you. Be persistent.

“OM TAT SAT. All blessings to all. Our blessings to Noni. Big day, great clearing today for you.”

March 21, 2007 Shree 10:00 a.m. Savannah
“If it is possible to meet this passionate, historian gentleman soon, then try to arrange it. This work in the Atlanta area is crucial, so important. What was done here is complete for this region of Georgia. What was done yesterday extends way beyond distance in miles or kilometres.

“Atlanta has a time frame also and this is toward the end of the time frame.

“Research should continue. Should further research uncover more sites in other states, the mission can continue at another time and place. Meanwhile, Atlanta is calling. Good to go with a plan, as it is a large city. The land of the South is grieving. Suffering can only be pushed down for so long, until the land itself rises up in protest. Tides will rise up and engulf the history. Areas by the coast bear great testimony to a divided nation’s pain. Many perished at sea, many in various bodies of water. Because water carries the secrets, even greater than the soil of the land itself, the stories are alive in the ripples of the creeks, the rise and fall of ocean’s tides, the swell of the river and where rivers meet, the greatest source remains as yet untapped. Everywhere you go, water is the key now.”

We called our new friend Jamal, a self-proclaimed historian specializing in Savannah and coastal Georgia Civil War history. He worked for the city housing department and met us on his break. He was very enthusiastic, passionate about his research work and also did performances from the era. He confirmed that Ebenezer Creek had been a major site where many slaves had perished. He said many had drowned there.

I still felt such a strong pull, not wanting to leave Savannah. I had been drawn to the ocean, feeling a strong need to go there for some reason. We had been told that nearby Tybee Island was on the ocean and when I heard that, I had felt very much drawn to it. It turned out, Jamal told us, that Tybee Island was one of the quarantine sites where when slaves arrived, they were kept. Now, I understood my pull to the ocean, on another level.

Savannah, Georgia. 1:00 p.m.
Shree’s Voice:
“The pain and suffering of the people was so intense here. This whole area resounds with it. The release of souls yesterday was complete. No more souls remain ready to be released. The pull is in part a deep familiarity with your own soul and strong connection here. We can explore it later. It is best to leave this place now, heading to Atlanta.”


Despite long hours and much research by several members of the mission, we were not able to definitively identify atrocities or massacres against black soldiers, families or communities.

“In Georgia, there were many atrocities done against those of the enslaved population, before, during and following the war, during the Reconstruction period. We would say that in terms of loss of life and suffering of those enslaved ones, Georgia would hold a record, should one ever be proposed. It does not have a good civil rights record, although in present time there is much more tolerance in this state than in others surrounding it. Perhaps this is due to increased trade and the presence of Atlanta, the great southern city.”

March 21, 2007 En route to Atlanta, Georgia.
Shree’s Voice 3:00 P.M.:
“Atlanta is a very important area of cleansing, particularly for release of souls. Since all names are coming up Kennesaw, go there first. Still, your connection to that area by the coast between Charleston and Savannah is most strong. So many brave, courageous souls passed through that arch there. May they rest in peace.


At sunset, Shree’s Voice:
“Good you are here in Atlanta. Go to the Kennesaw place because it is one site which is coming up. Actually all of Georgia bears great scars from the Civil War atrocities which occurred here. It is correct that along the coast the pain is palpable, but this Atlanta carries it. See to whom you can speak about this. Kennesaw is one place We know there are souls to be released. Sit together and open your hearts to receive direction where to find them. Once the intention is declared, they will just come. We do not say like this and We do not encourage others to do this alone. This is work for which you have been trained and guidance is moment to moment.

“There is a major river which runs through Atlanta area. Along that river were many slave families. Look deeper. Listen more.

“Now we have to look at clearing an entire area, clearing energy which has choked the region for many years. Being instrumental in cleansing and purifying entire regions is not a task any one of you knows how to do. Yet, it gets accomplished when all of you come together as ONE.
“Move the army south, following the river. Begin below Roswell, Georgia. You will find the river.

“Yes, where the rivers meet there is a confluence of energies. There, one fire can be performed.”

Our group convened and actually found that directly south of Roswell was the Chattahoochee River. We planned to do the site at Kennesaw National Battlefield Park and then head south below Roswell to where the Chattahoochee River was.

March 22, 2007 Sunrise, Kennesaw
“After cleansings of this nature, so profound, so miraculous, this instrument needs more rest. We need to release the souls and then do not carry them. Let them go. Others may also be feeling the need for more rest. This is not easy work. Release. Release. Release. Go first to Kenessaw. Then south as instructed.”

We drove our two vans into the Kennesaw National Battleground Park. We checked out the museum there and spoke briefly with a young historian at the desk. He agreed that there had been slave atrocities, especially confirming that there were many slave families who followed behind the armies, who often got left behind to perish from lack of food and shelter.

There was a mountain road and we drove up it to the end, where trails went through the forest. It was quite public and a lot of cars drove in and out while we were there. We decided to pull the vans together and do the fire inside one of the vans, since regulations against fires, etc. were strict.

As we began, I could see the slaves approaching our vehicles. Many were children.

Shree spoke:
“Those ready to be released have come.”

I saw children nearest to the van. Then, people in tattered brown garments walked forward toward us. A young girl of about 13 came to the car and spoke:
“We were walkin’, walkin’ forever. My brothers were fightin’. I got so tired of walkin’. Then someone picked me up like a baby and carried me here. Eliza is my name. I am blessed to be free. I thank you kindly.”

Kennesaw, 3:00 p.m. Shree’s Voice:
“Move directly to the next site. There, do fires by the river, as near to the river as possible. Put the ash into the river. Many souls are to be freed today at the Peachtree site. Afterwards you will be guided.

“It is most important to have SATSANG.

“All beings are being freed. Your instrument needs clearing and rest for rejuvenation.

“This heals the land and water, the scars of a nation so divided. These divisions still remain, some with fine lines, others with walls and boulders between. Division leads to disintegration. Come together as ONE. From this, learn humility. From this, learn UNITY. Let your brothers and sisters not be counted by their race or by their faith. All are ONE in the Eyes of GOD. This is the lesson for all humankind and individually, for each and every one of you involved with this very sensitive, highly charged, blessed work. May you experience the blessings of Almighty. OM.”

March 22, 2007 By the Chattahoochee River
Following the map to guide us south, we found that most riverfront areas again were all residential and quite palatial residences at that. Asking directions from several sources, we finally found the riverfront park by the Chattahoochee River. We parked our vehicles and walked into the forest overlooking the river. It was beautiful and we all felt that we had found the exact spot amongst the trees. There is a feeling that comes over us all once we have located the site. Certainly, because of lack of outer direction, often denial of events having happened in the first place, we find ourselves falling back upon our inner guidance which is always clear and present. Whether the guidance comes via voice or vision or through one’s individual or collective intuition, we all moved as if a greater Hand was at play. And we always knew it was!

We gathered in a circle on blankets in the wooded area just bordering the river. It was quiet, but as always as we began the fire birds seemed to be more present. Tom saw a white goose fly overhead and a flock of geese flew noisily by us.

At first I didn’t see anything at all and I heard
Shree say:
“At this site, it will take longer. They are coming. They are coming in droves. Here they are.”

My vision blurred and I felt a chill. I ‘saw’ the slaves climbing up the banks through the forest approaching our group. They all came from one direction, which later I was told was from the north. A weary, fairly young woman came forward to the front of the others and said,
“We fell into water. We was carryin’ our young ones. Some of us was carryin’ our clothes in sacks and what little food we run away with.

“When they burnt the plantations, we had nowhere to go. Some of us they pulled up and carried with them, the army that is. Me, I ain’t much use to them with babies. We hid in the woods. We walked and walked, dear Lord. We thank you. But when you talk about us, when you write about us, please tell them all we was never scared. We know who is guiding us home. We never had a doubt about that. We free now. We free now.”

A large man wearing big pants held up by suspenders came up. He said his name. “Amos.”

Next, a man said, “Jesse.”
“Oh, there was so much fightin’, all to free us, but we never were free. Only now, because the good Lord has freed us. Tell our story with our words.”

Another man with a deep voice said,
“We never meant no one no harm. They scared of us.
“We sing. We sing with you. Remember us.
“May the good Lord bless you all.”
“All is forgiven,” Amos said.
“Yes, all is forgiven,” the woman added.

A tall thin man spoke up.
“We didn’t cheat no one. We didn’t take nothin’. We just got outa there fast as we could. The walls was comin’ down. We slipped out the back and ran. No way to live. No way to live.”

I could feel he was angry. So, I said,
“Forgive. Have no anger. Let it go. Forgive them, so you are free.”

He replied instantly and with more peace,
“Yes I forgive. And I praise the Lord.”

The woman commented,
“This is one bitter river. So many of us was lost in these waters. You be cleaning this river now.”

All of us sang hymns and songs, releasing our sorrow to make way for the joy. At the end, as we were gathering to return to our vehicles, Shree said,
“The work that has been done on this trip is phenomenal. All the souls made ready for release have been freed. Celebrate this release. Rejoice in the Grace of Almighty Father.


We returned to the same hotel in Kennesaw just in time for sunset. Shree’s voice guided:
“Rejoice in work well done. No one would believe what was done here. At each site, souls were released.”

We ended our journey all together, dining out at an Italian restaurant near our hotel, followed by an impromptu Satsang. It is hard to imagine the Grace of Almighty which guided our every step. We came together with love and positive intent to heal, and Shree led us to our sisters and brothers who were calling out to be freed. What compassion Almighty has and is teaching us. We are His foot soldiers, grateful to be in the Army of Almighty, with love as our only weapon and His Grace, our shield from all harm. Thank You, Shree!

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