Agnihotra in Singapore

Krishna Barad from India writes:
I am enclosing photos from my recent trip to Singapore and Bangkok. At Bangkok, I had an opportunity to present Agnihotra at Jivaka International Ayurveda Conference. I conducted Agnihotra meetings at: Yoga Studio, Sanskrit Study Centre, Hindu Devi Mandir.

At Singapore I conducted meetings at: 2 at the Art of Living Centre, at a family residence and in Sindhu House at Geeta Ashram. In Singapore we had given 36 pyramids during the five days of Homa Therapy presentation. It was a nice and blessed trip. This was my first ever trip abroad which gave me confidence that I would be able to visit any part of the world to share this message of universal brotherhood achieved through Homa Healing Fires and the opportunity to feed the atmosphere with vibrations of love.

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  1. Thanks for this post Krishna. I will be leaving Cambodia to reside in Singapore in few days and if you have any contacts that you know are practicing Agnihotra I would like to connect with them if possible.

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