Fivefold Path is Quite Simple

Fivefold Path is quite simple really. If one follows the steps of the Fivefold Path one will progress to a higher level. The progress is assured by practice of YAJNYA.
All spiritual fact is training the mind to be always in the state of ‘Love thy neighbor as thyself’. Fivefold Path gives material and mental aids to achieve this.

Everyone has his Karma to work out; it takes years normally to work out Karma from past lives let alone this life. So you be full of love and your past Karma is wiped out. Now just create good Karma for yourself.

Be direct, informative and focused. You are not there to socialize, even though it will be a temptation.

Organized religious institutions are losing their flock. We do not speak bad about any religion or religious organization. We say, whatever makes you happy in your life, that you follow, but follow diligently and with all your heart.

Tension is terrible. Tension on mind increases. It becomes difficult to be out of Agnihotra atmosphere. See how the people are reacting to it — even normally happy people, well-adjusted, successful, in good marriages — they are also becoming affected by the tension. It is not only atmospheric, due to pollution, but to interplanetary disturbances. Planet is deteriorating rapidly.

No pain. No gain.

You have to recognise and understand the reason for your being here. You have to grasp it more consciously and express it clearly in your life. All trivialities should go so that the pure light shines.

    Forget your family as you know them. All love to them always no matter what they say to you.

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  1. Abundantly grateful abundantly grateful abundantly grateful.
    I love Agnihotra and Agnihotra loves me.
    Thank Us

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