Fear & Doubt

     Those of you who have severe doubts, we have no time to convince you that what is spoken by us is Truth. If time was spent with each decision, with each confusion, that would be all time consumed.

     I do not say, do not doubt because of course doubts are quite natural, particularly in the beginning, but if you have doubts, IF YOU ARE TO BE TOLD THE TRUTH, IT WILL BE SHOWN TO YOU IN SUBTLE MANNER.

Do not be affiliated with any group outside which follows doctrines about which you are not familiar. Be independent of political and religious affiliation. Of course follow your own religion of choice, but let Agnihotra and Homa Therapy go completely free from impurities. They stand on their own and need no support.

Inculcate the attitude of service in all you do. Without such attitude any marriage suffers difficulties. Of course, normal things are there — desires must be fulfilled, problems must be faced. Normal likes and dislikes are there, but the very base should be secure. It should be built to last. Never take it lightly. Have respect for the very union of man and wife; truly, it is sacred.

   It becomes difficult for a person to remain angry in a loving atmosphere. One simply cannot do it. Either the person must leave or he becomes calm and loving himself. It is impossible to sit, for example, in a Fire Temple for fifteen minutes and walk out angry. Let your house be a place like that.

   Situations become difficult now everywhere. Anger gives way to forces of destruction. Anger is a force of destruction in itself. I am not saying to suppress anger but if it need be vented at least let it be deflected in a non-harmful way alone. If you are angry keep silence and go to your own room in your house. Then let the feelings subside however they subside. Discussion afterwards will be more productive if anger is first gotten rid of. You can still express the same things to a person but first let the anger go away. Anger discolours things and makes them ugly.

   Through devotion you can rise higher. Say simply, "I want to be happy". We do not wish for special powers, levitation and those things. We only wish to be happy and help others to be happy.

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