Constant Affirmation of a Loving Mind

      The constant affirmation of a loving mind alters the material conditions around us. We become better receptacles for the manifestation of Divine Grace.

    We get into the habit of always performing the right action. This is character building.     This habit loosens the grip of desires that cloud the intellect.

             This is purification. This purification is functional, i.e. it enables us to reach higher states of evolution. One cannot truly improve conditions unless inner improvement takes place.

            Of course the use of drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, you will find these three things interfere greatly with meditation. So some effort may be required on your part to overcome temptation to indulge in these influences.  Again, if you are sincere in your attempts and devoted in your spiritual path you will also find natural attraction to the positive increasing and negative decreasing.

           Yajnya (Homa) acts as a catalyst if someone consciously tries to get away from drug habit.

          If you continue as you have been in making every effort, doing good Karma and being honest with yourself and others, you will rise very quickly now. We must turn our thoughts towards helping others, serving others.

Do not think "What about me?" Everything is given.

           The work you do is for your own liberation.

         All this situation is a conflict of desires and jealousies. You can never be happy by gratifying these jealousies which you find in a family. An ungratified desire leads to anger. Thus either way your mind is in trouble. Do not expect that any member of the family will be persuaded to your views howsoever wise or otherwise they may be. You have to learn to be an example and then alone you can command true respect from other members of the family. You have no right to demand respect from them.

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