Become Willing, Then You are Utilized as an Instrument

Once you become willing then you are utilized as an instrument. The more you surrender, the more total your surrender, the more work you will do. Then every moment becomes service. You reach a point where you do not think. It is time to do service now. Your every thought, every deed, becomes an extension of Him. Thy will be done – IDAM NA MAMA. Then it is all joy, all joy.

Hatha Yoga can be incorporated into physical therapy; same with psychotherapy. This could be extremely effective in HOMA atmosphere.

Best thing is to do Mantra all the time. Then one remains detached from the tension that is outside. One can maintain a kind of detachment even from the ones who are near to that person and still love those near but not be attached. If your mate is disturbed, if you have that detachment you will not only remain unaffected by his mood but you will be in a better position to uplift him. Then fears cannot stick. Fears can come based on past experience, for example, but if one is detached one can observe this fear and let it pass—let it go—and move on to the next thing.

People should not feel they are being directed to pray because many people’s religious beliefs interpret prayer differently. What we are telling is a simple path to follow which will help others and help the person who follows it. That is the Fivefold Path Yajnya, Daan. Tapa, Karma and Swadhyaya. Many feel that prayer helps them with desires, resentments, fears and the like. Then certainly pray, but true prayer is not asking for anything as Mother Mary has said, save His Will.

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