At the Time of Creation

       At the time of creation the Vedas were revealed to the Rishis (seers). The Rishis then each selected families to whom they gave this knowledge with instructions to hand it down from one generation to another by word of mouth. Nothing should be lost. There was a travesty of trust in that and now much more than ninety percent has been lost.

      Maharaj Shree has vowed at the feet of Lord Parashuram to resuscitate the Vedas. Now, the Rishis will reveal all this knowledge and we must preserve it exactly.
        The world will be made up in small communities. They should be self-sufficient. A certain part of Vedas will be assigned to each of the communities. So together we can share and utilize this ancient knowledge amongst the one culture which lives SATYA SANATAN DHARMA, true and eternal religion.

       If you are doing all with love, with Mantra, then there is no need to push oneself too hard, too fast, too much. Pace yourself.
You want to do this work in all humility to serve others. Still more effort has to accompany such a positive mental attitude. If no effort is made the attitude deteriorates. The benefits come with efforts.

       Concentrate all the time by practicing your Mantra. Then this will help you overcome anger, fear, temptation. If you practice Mantra continually on a conscious level you will then automatically fall into constant repetition of Mantra on a subconscious level. You will find when you begin to get angry the Mantra will begin to intensify in vibration. Sound may become louder or pace may move quicker. This is to overwhelm the negative response the mind has created in these stressful situations. Automatically this subconscious process will have a greater effect on the mind than any relaxing drug or any conscious effort to remove anger. So practise Mantra.

        If you see things around you in a state of confusion don’t become that confusion. If you can change it or make the situation clearer then do that. Otherwise rise above it.

           Retain that good humor. This ability to laugh and make others laugh is a specialty. Your laughter is infectious. Laugh more. Others begin at least to smile at themselves. Realize your gifts and utilize them. You are wonderful. You just don’t see it.

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