Around the World there is so Much Chaos and Uncertainty

Around the world there is so much chaos and uncertainty. One is faced with the realization that there are no guarantees in life. Therefore, better to have no expectations in life. That may seem easier to say than to do. However, every effort is rewarded by Grace.

Those of you who walk Fivefold Path, walk gently upon the Earth. There is never reason for fear or anxiety. We understand these things, but one must make effort to move beyond that state of action/reaction. Let me become more aware of the subtle indications given. Let me begin to understand and, in so doing, establish a balance in my life. Then, one finds oneself less reactive and more inclined to go within for direction, rather than simply react to situations in spur of the moment. One goes within and, in that precious time when one bends one’s knees in all humility before Divine, one’s initial reactions are tempered. Thus, true response is given, not emotional reaction.

Those of you who are deeply compassionate will be experiencing some of the fallout from the global situation. There is so much suffering in this world, though it may appear more acute at this time. You, in your spiritual evolution, are simply beginning to comprehend your place in the world and experience more the suffering of others. Even that compassion must be without attachment. To have compassion without attachment allows you to be a better vehicle for change in the world, for healing on an individual and global level.

It is easy, even in that high state of compassion, to become attached to it. Let the feelings you experience, even the deep abiding love for humanity, flow through you. Do not hold onto that love either. Let the love rest within you, but do not hold onto it. Let it come like a much-needed breeze in the desert. Let it flow through your instrument by Grace.

Conversely, do not become overwhelmed by the sorrows or injustices in the world. Let it come and go. You cannot be effective in healing or helping another person, known or unknown, if you hold onto their pain or even if you demand justice for wrongdoing.

You may state your feelings, then let them go. You may stand up for freedom of others and for justice, but do not allow that to keep you in that state of reaction. When you dip into the well of compassion, allow it to move you in the direction Divine wishes you to take. Then, even with that deep sense of compassion, you must let go. No expectations. You are free.
Go within.
Go within.
Go within.
All love and Blessings to all.

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