Answers to All Questions are Given in the Vedas

              The answers to all questions are given in the Vedas, but the interpretation of the Vedas has often changed the TRUTH to suit the masses. There is great push now toward the LIGHT. The AGNIHOTRA fire will spread now in very fast way all over.

            You go into more strict disciplines. Then you become free.

             Negative forces have been stopped. Energy pattern shifts. There will be safe havens where fire is performed. BUILD THE ARKS OF FIRE ON LAND. Homa fire heals now.

             If we cultivate the habit of giving away part of our material possessions we have learned the secret of happy life. The sharing of assets should be the consequence of a dutiful response in the heart of the donor.

   The action is doubly blessed. It blesseth him that gives and him that receiveth. One need not anticipate a demand from someone before giving. You give because it is your duty to give. This is Daan, the second aspect of the Fivefold Path.

              When healing power is achieved one must cease abuse of one’s body and of all others. That is one must seek to purify one’s body and one’s mind. We have suggested practice of HATHA YOGA and PRANIC BREATHING. Take very seriously what is told to you as these are truly the last days. Healing power is greatly diminished when the mind is not in harmony. Limit the negative habits that harm the body. Focus must be on spiritual growth. Keep away from temptation; React with love, not with just maintaining good humor. Take these steps and the Divine will take hundred more.

             Do whatever nice effort you wish to make to get what you desire early. However, do not be disturbed if it is late in coming. You may make all the effort but if you say that you will be happy when and only when you will be getting what you desire, it may not be wisdom.        You have to learn to be happy wherever you are now. You have to say to yourself, "I try. However, His will be done".       If you train your mind to be happy where you are, then chances are you would be happy even when you get what you desire. This is absolutely certain.

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