Agnihotra – the Great Opportunity to Heal the Planet

(Photo: Ángeles & her husband Pablo doing Agnihotra)

Ángeles B.
Verona, Italy, Europe
For more than 20 years, my husband and I have approached different therapies according to the stages and challenges that we were going through. We started with psychoanalysis; then followed healthy eating, ecology, yoga, yoga for kids, Ayurveda. Earlier this year, from the moment we were told about Homa Therapy and its benefits, we fell in love with it. We felt that Agnihotra was and is the great opportunity we have to heal the planet, from all that we have contaminated.

   Agnihotra is accompanying us during this pandemic and every day we do it with more respect and love. We practice it at home with our daughters and share it with friends.
In these last months, we have also perform the Tryambakam Homa at night.
             We feel that it cleanses the atmosphere of the house of the energies accumulated during the day and the sleep becomes very serene.
We consume Agnihotra ash, use it on plants and give it into the river and trees in the city.
   Personally, knowing this tool, I feel it is my duty to light the Agnihotra fire daily, to take care of the space where I live, for my daughters, for generations to come, for the flora and fauna, for all of us who inhabit this wonderful planet earth. Om Shree to everyone!

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