Agnihotra Live on TV in Peru, South America

The following report comes from Gloria Vicente Pinillos, the host of a television program on “TV Norte” (Channel 35) in Piura, Peru. It is called MUNDO & SALUD (World & Health).

“We are on the air Monday through Friday from 6 pm to 7 pm. We invite professionals in the health field and talk about the most common health problems. These are doctors or experts on conventional and alternative medicines.”

“I had the opportunity to learn about Homa Therapy, thanks to Prof. Abel Hernandez. He was invited for an interview and he performed the Agnihotra healing fire on stage at the correct time. It was a live event. I felt very good and decided to do Agnihotra on live TV every day. People, called to say thank you, for they usually cannot go the state hospitals where this is done. Other people have come to our set to ask for the Agnihotra ash. Some people have come with their glass jar to witness Agnihotra and receive its healing ash. Some other people like to do Agnihotra in front of the TV for we are keeping the exact timing of sunset for Piura.”

“We find this is a good way to help our neighbors and our planet. We have done Agnihotra for two months and we will go on with full power.”


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