Agnihotra at the Holistic Fair “Aura 2012” in Guayaquil, Ecuador

Mr. Ivan Urueta Sanchez writes from Guayaquil, Ecuador:
“I am sending you some photos of the Holistic Fair “Aura 2012”, in which, together with the Director of the Homa Center, Sonia Hunter, we did sunset Agnihotra during the four-day fair.”

“On the last day, we also did Vyahruti and Tryambakam Homa with Dr. Jaime Montufar (Homa Medical Center “The Good Shepherd”), with Raul, Rocio, Marianita, Ivan, Robert, Wilfrido, Olga and other Agnihotra brothers and sisters of Light.”

“We shared the healing ash of the fires with the people and the Guayas River. Our friend Prabhu Mriganath, Vedic astrologer, also did the sunset Agnihotra with us.”

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